Evergreen Top 10 York Tourist Attractions

York is strategically located at the confluence of Rivers Ouse and Foss at North Yorkshire in England. Being a city boasting a rich heritage and offering breathtaking beauty, York has lots to offer to its tourists. York attractions include a number of worth visiting places such as Theme parks, Heritage sites, Gardens, Theatres etc. Among York tourist attractions, some places deserve special mention that should not be missed by a tourist. The top 10 York tourist attractions are categorized under the old monuments, castles, cathedrals, churches, botanical gardens, Cineplex, theme parks, Zoos and many more.

York Minister:

York Minister is one of the popular attractions in York that happens to be the largest Medieval Gothic Cathedral located at the north of the Alps. The Cathedral houses a grand collection of 800 years old stained glass.

Duncombe Park:

Duncombe Park is another attraction in York that can be visited by the tourists while on vacation in York. This is considered to be the home of Lord and Lady Feversham and boasts a magnificent view being located at North Yorkshire.

Nunnington Hall:

Nunnington Hall is a sheltered and walled garden situated on the banks of the River Rye. This magnificent hall boasts a great collection of Carlisle collection of miniature version of rooms.

York Theatre Royal:

York Theatre Royal is an ideal place for a perfect night out that is a must visit for all tourists. The tourists who have a fetish for art and culture can visit this theatre hall located at the city center and enjoy the extravaganza of comedy, dance, drama etc.

Grand Opera House York:

Grand Opera House York is another iconic landmark of York offering varied programs ideal for the theatre lovers. This Opera house is popularly known as a Live Nation venue.

City Screen:

City Screen is a popular hangout for the tourists of York and can be considered as a great tourist destination in the City. It is a tri screen Arthouse cinema located at the centre of York City.

York Castle Museum:

York Castle Museum is a famous museum in York boasting a great collection of fascinating exhibits that enthralls the tourists.

York Art Gallery:

York Art Gallery is another most sought after attractions in York offering rare art collections in canvas, watercolors, and ceramics. The tourists who have a fetish for art and culture can visit the gallery that is a part of the York Museum Trust.

Jorvik Viking Centre:

Jorvik Viking Centre has a historic background and appeals to the tourists who can be thrilled by discovering the Viking -Age work.

Beningborough Hall and Gardens:

Beningborough Hall and Gardens is a gigantic mansion of 18th century that happens to be one of the tourist attractions in York. Impressive baroque interior decoration, great architectural excellence and a historic background make this an ideal spot for the history lovers.

After visiting York attractions, the tourists can enjoy at the same time natural beauty per excellence coupled with great architectural marvels with impressive historic backgrounds.

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