3 Places Where to Sell Your Photos

3 Places Where to Sell Your Photos

Where to sell photos is the first question you have to ask yourself if you want to make money with your digital camera.

Most people that have a camera don’t realize that it can be a cash machine.

People and companies are looking for unique pictures so they can use them.

But why don’t they use their own photos. Well I can sum up several reasons for this.

– Not enough time to take the pictures

– The distance is too far

– They can’t take pictures professionally

– They need hundreds of pictures so companies are outscoring the job.

All right as promised here are the five places where you could sell your photos.

Sell your photos online

Webmaster love photos simply because it gives an extra dimension to their website.

Content is great but not enough to share.

Webmasters are placing photos on their site to give their website a more professional look

Therefore you can submit your photos to several photo stock sites.

Some of them are paying you a fixed amount.

Some photo stock sites are giving you the right to ask as much

or as little as you want for your photo.

Sell your photos to travel agencies

I am sure you love travelling and read a lot of travel guides.
But have you ever read one travel guide without pictures.

I’m sure you know the answer you can submit a lot of your photos to travel agencies.

No you don’t have to make expensive trips to Australia to earn money from your camera with this.

For example if you live in Paris you could contact a travel agency who offers city trips to Paris.

If you have photos from a certain quality you can be sure that you will make money from it.

Sell your photos to real estate agencies.

I can’t predict the future but I’m almost sure that people will spend and make money from real estate forever.

Real estate brokers need pictures of houses, villas or condos.

Just think about it what they can do with these pictures printing out in magazines,

hanging out in their window or they can use it to publish it into their real estate magazines.

It is not uncommon that they pay you up to 100$ per picture.

I hope you have some ideas now where you can sell your photos.

Think about it a lot of people are making a second or even a full income from it.

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