Travel Guide to Istanbul, Turkey!

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Istanbul has such a large area that one can experience several different sub-climates in the same city but on average it is facing Istanbul has a Mediterranean atmosphere. Summer is normally hot and dry with air up to 30 degrees Celsius. While summers are hot but still many people take cheap Istanbul flights during this season to spend their summer vacations. During winter months temperature is around 10 degrees but temperature rarely fall below freezing point. Snowfall can also be observed from10 or 12 days in this season. Between April-May and September-October the climate is usually moderate with temperature around 15-25 degrees and this is the best time for tourism in the city with respect to weather.

Istanbul Shopping: shopping at this vibrating city is an exciting experience. Shopping opportunities the city provides are plentiful that ranges from its traditional stores to branches of large shopping malls in Istanbul. Foreigners taking flights to Istanbul love to go to Grand Bazaar; one of the world’s largest markets will give you an unforgettable shopping experience. It is world’s largest covered bazaar. It is an interesting place to walk along the streets lines with jewelry and fine boutiques as well as shopping there.

Istanbul Nightlife: Any direction you choose to go to in late evenings you will be finding entertainment and sizzling nightlife activities. Most of the foreigners getting into city taking flights to Istanbul generally do not expect to find much at night but choices are many in almost all busy areas of the city. The places offering energy and variety of nightlife include; bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. The most popular ones of these are; Babylon, Dulcinea, high end, Cheers, Roxie, and Sortie. Most of the areas presenting nightclubs and bars are on European side and are very popular among locals as well as those taking cheap flights to Istanbul from UK.

Istanbul Hotels: This largest European city requires a large number of accommodation facilities to facilitate both its residents and the foreigners coming for tourism or some other purpose into this city. The city has the capacity to accommodate all types of travelers with a range of luxury, cheap, and budget hotels. These are mostly booked by those taken business class Istanbul flights. Budget hotels offer all the amenities at lower rates as compared to luxurious one. They are equipped with air-conditioning, and have TVs for relaxing during the evenings. In short you will be getting every thing at Istanbul to make you tour memorable.

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