Thinking About Holidaying in Bulgaria? It’s a Great New Backpacking Destination

Eastern Europe has really shot to prominence as a backpacking destination in the last few years, and no country more so than the stunningly beautiful Bulgaria. Situated in between popular destinations such as Greece and Turkey, and with a similar climate and terrain, it’s a wonder that Bulgaria took so long to be discovered by the masses, and in particular, backpackers.

Located at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, Bulgaria has always been a very significant country throughout history due to the way it joined the western and eastern trading routes going from England right the way through all the way through the middle east to China. This route once popular with merchants of yesteryear, is no equally popular with backpackers due to the wide range of cultural diversity that can be experienced.

However, despite being an important part of our past, a relative small amount is known about Bulgaria as a backpacking destination.


Since the lifting of the ‘iron curtain’, Bulgaria has established a thriving tourist industry that enjoys both summer vacations of sun, sea and sand, also winter skiing on snow capped mountains with wonderful restaurants. All of these delights can be enjoyed at significantly lower prices than the rest of Europe and this has definitely added to its appeal. Backpackers are not the only demographic to sit up and take notice of Bulgaria’s offerings, a increasing number of people are taking advantage of low property prices to make Bulgaria their second home.

Of the major cities in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is a stunning place steeped in architecture and history. It is a little known fact that it is actually older than Rome and Athens.

Bulgaria is a perfect match for European backpackers that lies to mix the pleasures of stunning weather and food with wonderful architecture, culture and history all at a stunningly low cost. Bulgaria is sure to show its friendly side, welcoming one and all to its outstanding inner beauty. It has the ability to thrall all that visit, and to really help put Eastern Europe on the map as a backpackers paradise.

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