The Guy’s Guide to Planning Awesome Valentine’s Vacations

It is no secret that Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and you may not have given a single thought to how you are going to wow your lady this February 14th. Instead of the typical box of chocolates, flowers, and champagne, why not break with tradition and treat you and your special someone to a Valentine that you will both enjoy and look back fondly on for many years to come. Here is the guy’s guide to picking vacation destinations for a romantic and sexy Valentine getaway.

New York City

There can be no doubt that the Big Apple is a lover’s paradise. Whether you take a horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Park, go ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or hit the night life you and your lover are bound to have the time of your lives. Consider spicing up a SoHo shopping extravaganza by modeling provocative under garments for each other. With all there is to do in New York City, you are bound to plan a romantic weekend getaway that will delight your lady.

San Juan, PR

Is seasonal depression putting a damper on your relationship? Consider escaping the wintry cold and taking a trip to Puerto Rico’s beach town Capital. Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, you will not even need a passport, and can likely find a direct flight to land you on the beach in no time. After spending a day soaking in the sun, you can walk the historic streets, and check out the various lounges, clubs, and bars that make up San Juan’s vibrant night life. Do not miss a trip to the Bioluminescent Bay, which is full of plankton that glow at night time, making for a truly incredible sight to behold.

San Francisco, CA

If you or your lady is a foodie or enjoys the art scene, there may be no better destination for you than San Francisco. The city offers Gourmet Walks, allowing you to take a stroll around town while sampling champagne, chocolate, and other delicious fare as you explore the city. The San Francisco Zoo even offers an adults-only exhibit allowing you to learn about the various mating rituals of the zoo’s prized residents. Consider picking out your own artist-inspired room at the Hotel Des Artes, or the Campton Place Hotel for an exquisite Valentine dinner and wine tasting.

Red River, New Mexico

If you and your lady are more of the outdoorsy type then you will find the perfect romantic paradise in Red River, New Mexico. You and your special lady can hit the slopes and work up a sweat during the morning, visit a luxury spa resort or go shopping in the afternoon, and wind down the evening snuggling up next to the fire as the snow gently falls outside the window. Since lodging rates are extremely affordable, Red River has an added benefit in that you will be able to treat your lady to the finest in luxury ski lodging, dining, and recreation without breaking the bank.

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