12 Historical Sites of Ancient Mithila Region of India

12 Historical Sites of Ancient Mithila Region of India

According to Indian saint valmiki, the author of “Ramayan” the holy epic of Hindus, Janakpur was the capital of king Janak who ruled mithila many years ago. Another saint “Tulsidas” also had described Mithra as Janak’s capital. Janakpur now lies in Nepal.

Dhanusha is a place near Janakpur in Nepal. It is believed that “Sita – Swayamwar” ie. marriage of Sita took place here. The famous bow of Shiva “Pinaka” was broken by Lord Rama as described in Ramayana.

A district in Bihar situated on the bank of river Lakhandei (trib. of Bagmati) approx. 50 km from Darbhanga. In Valimiki Ramayan, it is written that Janak found a girl child while plowing field and he named her Sita. The god gifted Sita brought an end to the year long drought and famine in Mithila.

The place lies in Darbhanga district of Mithila region. It is believed that Lord Rama on his way to Dhanusha for Swyamwar freed a saint wife “Ahilya” from a curse which turned her to a stone.

Maheshi is a village in Saharsha district in Mithila region. The famous debate between Shankaracharya and Mandan Mishra was held at this place centuries ago. The debate changed the course of Hinduism reformation by Shankaracharya. Shankaracharya was successful in defeating Mandan Mishra but was defeated by his wife Bharati.

About a distance of 30 km from Madhubani district of Mithila in Babu Barhi one can find the ancient remains of kingdom of legendary king Bali, the Son of Prahlad. After being neglected for so many years, archeological survey of India, has recently pointed this place as a site of historical importance.Efforts are now on to excavate the remains and find the story.

Kalneshwar is an ancient Shiva temple which is situated in Kalna village near madhubani. The age of temple is still unknown.

This place is located in Katra police station in Muzaffarfur district of Mithila region.

Kapileshwar is located in kakraul of Rahika in Madhubani district of Mithila region. It is believed that a “Shiva Linga” was established by ancient sage Kapil here. For many years it was managed by Raj Darbhanga.

Shri Rageshwari
It is a very popular and historical temple in Madhubani district of Mithila. The place is located in village Dokhar.

Lakshmi Nath Gosai Kuti
It was the hut of famous saint Lakshmi Nath Gosai. He was regarded as a saint with mystical powers. His creations on Lord Krishna are famous. The place is located in Lakhnaur block in Jhanjharpur sub division in Mithila region.

Jiwarpur village has got world wide recognition for re-establishing mithila art on world map. The village is famous among western foreigners for purchase of Mithila art and other stuffs like sikki art etc. The village can be approached by a rikshaw from Madhubani station.

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