Holiday & Travel Guide For Cancun, Mexico

Holiday & Travel Guide For Cancun, Mexico

When you think Mexico, do you think small villages? Dry dusty deserts? Donkeys and really hot chilli? This is one element to Mexico, but this is not what you should expect when coming to Cancun for a holiday. Cancun offers a modern day escape from the rat race, as a picturesque beach resort built on a series of islands linked with bridges. Cancun is a resort on a northern pinnacle of Mexico, surrounded by aqua blue waters, and offers a more cosmopolitan view on life with trendy shopping quarters and up to date hotels fantastic modern facilities. Due to the placement of Cancun the weather is generally sunny, but as the resort is built verging on the Gulf of Mexico the heat is not overbearing. The sea compliments the hot sun to give a perfect and relaxing climate to make sure that any holiday here will be one to remember, and not just for the sun burn.

Cancun is a destination for a more relaxed holiday. Go there to unwind or take in some sites of the world. Cancun has some truly ancient sites, such as Mayan ruins with truly breathtaking architecture. The fact these are still standing today shows just how civilisation has come on in the past years, as they date from around 2000 BC. Some of the more favourable Mayan ruins in Cancun are: Cobá, Muyi, Kohunlich, Kinichná, Dzibanché, Oxtankah, Tulum and Chacchoben.

Another great attraction of Cancun is the great sandy beaches. Instead of being made from silicone, the beaches in Cancun are natural and are made out of finely ground up fossils, due to the natural effects which have taken place over the past hundreds of years. The tides have ground the fossils naturally as they lap on the shore, making beaches that were not purpose made, but have just occurred over time. A kind of magical sand has been made, as it stays cool even under the hottest suns as the fossils do not insulate the heat, instead it is dissipated making the sand feel cool under foot instead of burning, which is often found on some of the most popular tourist locations within places like Spain or France.

The beaches are not only good for their golden qualities, there are also a variety of water sports on offer in Cancun from tours on boats and on foot; boating excursions; submarine trips; glass bottom boat tours and fishing trips. Some of the most famous tours which are available at the moment are: Contoy Island Asterix tour, Contoy Island Kolumbus tour, Jungle tour – Sunrise Marina and Fury Catamarans. These are all tours of islands which are close to Cancun, except the catamarans, and the tours are run to the islands and out at sea on a daily basis for a variable amount depending on party size and members within the party. As well as day tours on boats and trips out onto the seas, there are also proper cruises which offer a fine selection of food with a themed evening such as pirates and captain hook, which is great for any family to spice up a meal.

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