Raining Washington DC Tour

Our family finally decided to visit Washington D.C. We went to the city by car so that we could took the Monumental Series tour, which is free and we only need to pay tips. Actually it was an economic tour. We lived in New York, so we had to get up early. When we arrived, it was 8:00am. It was Sept. 12, 2010, a rainy Sunday morning. Though it was raining, we were all exciting. Due to the bad weather, there was few people there. However, fortunately, we got a nice tour guide. He is a gracious man. After Dad parked our car, he took us on the tour. He is very informative. He patiently explained us the history of the monuments. Though I was not good at history, I had to admit that I could be interested in history if he were my history teacher.

After we had visited some monuments, we went to visit the White House. The tour guide quizzed us many interesting questions, for example, who was the tallest President? the fattest? the oldest? the youngest? He actually was very knowledgeable. We spent some time to take pictures in front of those attractions, and the tour guide even took several pictures of our family. In addition, we also went to visit the Einstein memorial. So everyone got a great photo sitting in Einstein’s lap. That’s really interesting and funny! At the base of the Lincoln memorial, we had a restroom break and ate some snacks. We finished off our Washington D.C. tour near the Washington monument. And then we had a luxuriant lunch in a nice restaurant. On the way to NYC, I slept all the way. Among all attractions, I like the Walk of the Town tour and the tour of the Pentagon. We did lots of walking during our tour, so next time I would never forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes. In addition, I also bought a new umbrella, as it was raining on my tour day. Everyone needs to see Washington D.C. I have learnt many things that I didn’t know before and love this country more.

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