Only in New York – Unusual Things to See and Do in the Big Apple

New York is known as the city of dreams; a 24 hour urban wonderland where anything can happen and frequently does. Below is a selection of a few of the more offbeat experiences to be had in this thriving city.

New Yorkers don’t do anything by halves, luxury included. Serendipidy3 is a well loved cafe that serves frozen hot chocolate to the masses and the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae to a privileged few. The Frrozen Haute Chocolate costs $25,000 and is made of rare cocoas from around the world, infused with edible 24k gold, served in a gold lined goblet and topped with La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier (which weighs in at a hefty $2,600 a pound). The enjoyment doesn’t end with the last spoonful, however, lucky customers are gifted with an 18k gold bracelet and diamond encrusted spoon to take home with them.

Considerably cheaper but no less thrilling; the New York Trapeze School offered a novel way to get an adrenalin buzz in the big city. With both indoor and outdoor set ups and flying trapeze lessons for beginners upwards the New York Trapeze School is a way to make all those childhood circus dreams come true. Those who want a more elegant airborne experience can partake in the Silk, Rope and Hammock classes in which fabric and rope hung from single points are climbed and twisted to move the student into graceful poses akin to ballet or yoga; a reasonable degree of flexibility is a must!

If you are something of an exhibitionist and happen to be in the city around the second week of January check out listings for the annual ‘no pants subway ride’, a yearly occurrence where hundreds of pantless commuters ride the number 6 train whilst pretending nothing is out of the ordinary. If you plan to take part in this event it is imperative that you remain nonplussed throughout: participants are instructed not to acknowledge other pantless commuters and, if questioned, simply say they forgot their pants and it must be a coincidence that others did the same. Organised by Improv Everywhere, the ‘no pants subway ride’ is fairly regimented and more guerrilla theatre than silly prank.

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