Eurostar Short Breaks to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city situated in the Germany and also treated as 2nd largest city of the Germany. Frankfurt includes various kinds of financial centre, stock exchange, European central bank, German federal bank and Frankfurt trade fair. It is also named as financial and transportation centre of Germany. According to the mercer survey Frankfurt has the international centre of commerce and finance as well as cultural and tourism. Mercer survey also declares that Frankfurt is the 48th most expensive city in the world. Many people from different places live in Frankfurt, so it is also called multicultural city.

Major Attractions

  • The Frankfurt Parliament at St. Paul’s Church in 1848
  • St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral –it is a building which is also known as Gothic building, and was constructed between 14th and 15th century. It is 94 meter high.
  • Alte Oper– it is a opera house which named as old opera house and known as concert hall. It was built in 1880 by an architect Richard Lucae.
  • Bahá’í House of Worship- this house is situated at Langenhain in Germany. It was made completely in 1964 with steel, aluminium and glass.
  • St. Katherine’s Church- it is situated in the city nearby the Zeil Street. It is one of the largest evangelical church in the city Frankfurt.
  • The financial district and Hauptwache- it is the building which was build in the 1730 and was used for the prisoners situated nearby the Zeil Street.
  • St. Paul’s Church-it is famous for the historic monuments in the Germany. It was destroyed in the II world war but rebuilt quickly, after 1949 it was used as a church.

There are many famous Museums in the city such as: –

  • The Städel it is an art museums in Germany
  • Senckenberg Museum
  • Schirn Art Gallery
  • Deutsches Architekturmuseum
  • Deutsches Filmmuseum
  • Museum für Angewandte Kunst – it is a Museum of Applied Art
  • Museum Giersch– it is regional art museum of Germany
  • Museum für Kommunikation
  • Museum der Weltkulturen– it is a Museum of Cultures

When to visit and weather

Frankfurt is the hottest place in the Germany. The maximum temperature in the summers may rise in the month of July and the minimum temperature can be seen in the month of January. Winters are probably cool and visitors can take better idea that if they want to visit Frankfurt august to September are the best months to visit with the average temperature.


Zeil Street it is a street which is also known as shopping street. There are two large plazas around the street which covers the whole street. There is always crowed in the street because it is one of the famous Christmas market for shopping in the Germany. Anyone can see wonder view of the market at the time of Christmas. There are many restaurants and hotels in the Frankfurt to enjoy various kinds of food and drinks.

Zeil gallery is also famous for shopping.

Following are the main markets, streets and malls like: –

Weekly Markets

Kaiserstraße Shopping malls Hanauer Landstraße flea market

How to reach

Three main ways to reach Frankfurt: –

Air: by air there is Frankfurt international airport in the city, easy accessibility is there for the visitors and travellers anyone can reach by air from anywhere. It is at the centre of Europe and connected with international airports which also add to the attractions of the Frankfurt.

Rail: by rail there are largest railway stations in the city, the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is the largest railway station in the Germany. Eurostar is also there for better travelling services, Eurostar will take you to the Brussels with in one and half hour, after then there is ICE. Frankfurt has very good railway services because many of the passengers in the city are travel through ICE. Regional trains are (ICE) also directly connected with the national railway stations.

Road:By road there is a tram at the Frankfurt south station which is connected with the other national stations. Anyone can reach by taking bus from the airport and railway stations.

  • Beside these services, if anyone wants to walk around the city they have better options in the city that they can hire taxis and bicycles. There are night bus facilities in the city, you can see the night view of the city.
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