World’s Top Beaches for Your Vacation

There is probably nothing more relaxing and nothing closer to paradise on earth than spending your time with the sun, the sea and the sand. Being in one with nature makes one feel rejuvenated and refreshed. For those living in cities, this beach vacation may mean travelling for several hours to the beachside. The weather should also be perfect for swimming and of course, no shark attack warnings. A person may have their favorite beach that they frequent with friends, but for those who are true beach bums, the search for the best beaches is a thrill of a lifetime. There are many beaches around the world but there are only a few with their clear waters, white and powdery fine sands, and cool beach activities that can place them in the list of top beaches in the world. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular beaches in the world.

Maldives – Hollywood’s elite flock Maldives every year for beach parties that are truly the world’s best. During the day, this secluded paradise has calm and quiet waters that are truly restful for every visitor. By night, these well-rested vacationers are invited to join the parties that are hip and happening all around the area.

Boracay, Philippines – In 1996, TV Quick awarded this island in the Philippines as the world’s number one tropical beach. Early on in 1990, the BMW Tropical Beach Category listed Boracay as one of its top 10 beaches in the Tropical beach category.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda – Because of its beauty, the beach caters to only a select clientele which includes Hollywood personalities who can of course afford to visit the beach. They seem to have perfect weather all year, making vacationers flock them all year round.

Hanikai Beach – Located in Hawaii, where some of the world’s beautiful beaches can be found, Hanikai Beach boast
the clearest and cleanest beach waters in Hawaii. Plus the weather around Hawaii is typically sunny and warm during the summer.

Tulum Beach – If your idea of a vacation is lazing at the beach one time, and then take a glimpse of the world’s greatest pyramids, then why not combine the two by heading off to this beach. Being in the beach area means the pyramid located in Mexico is easily within your sight. It will truly be a feast for your eyes to see a great beach line, great people, and magnificent pyramids all at the same time.

If you are a beach-loving person, make sure you get the chance to visit at least one of these glorious beaches which can truly be called heaven on earth. And just like any other beach trip, proper planning and preparation are needed so that all you can do during your stay is to really have fun, relax, create wonderful memories and let go of any troubles from the city life or the trip itself. No matter where they are in the world, their beach loyalists make sure that they get to visit their own paradise whenever they have the time for vacation.

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