World Ventures Review – Home Based Business Opportunity

World Ventures Review – Home Based Business Opportunity

Here is my review for the World Ventures home based business opportunity. I plan to point out some key factors that will help you to decide for yourself whether or not World Ventures is the home based business for you. Enjoy!

The Product

World Ventures is an MLM travel trips company. As with any home based MLM company the product needs to be able to stand up on its own two feet regardless of any compensation plan. And since the company started in December 2005, World Ventures have provided a solid product for the travel industry, with no hidden catches or qualifying tricks. With over 100,000 customers, this company is proving one to look out for.

The Dream Trips

The World Ventures Dream Trips Membership offers holiday deals at wholesale prices. Their aim is to provide Dream Trips at Dream Prices. This is a holiday/vacation club but ultimately a lifestyle club. World Ventures offer a huge collection of deals on travel trips available to its members, from sporting events and adventure vacations to luxury cruises and mini breaks. Not to mention the luxury dream trips which can include personal jets! Nice!

The company uses its mass amount of members as leverage to getting these wholesale prices. The vision is to become one of the biggest and most respected travel companies in the world! At the heart of the World Ventures dream trips is a company called Rovia. This 25 year old company is backed with years of experience. This shows in the level of support and marketing training for the independent representatives.

World Ventures has been in business since 2006. At this early stage there was only 15 dream trips available. This has developed to an impressive 230 trips for 2009. So business has been going well, with $250,000,000 in sales so far. This automatically gives this company a thumbs up from me.

The LTC Package

As a US resident, you can also become a Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) which offers representatives a replicated comparison site by Rovia. This search site is to promote to customers with the World Ventures marketing tools provided in the back office. You earn commissions when someone purchases anything from this site and you can also use it to book your own travel deals.

The Travel Industry

World Ventures have positioned themselves as one of the most prominent travel companies online. Most purchases online are in the travel industry which again proves that the World Ventures dream trips have their fingers on the pulse.

So Who Are They?

The dream team behind the dream trips have a good background. And it is refreshing to see that an MLM company has a team of leaders, owners and directors that are not trying to hide. Mike Azcue is the chief executive officer of World Ventures, he has an impressive background in this industry. And the list of inspirational leaders goes on, this is a strong corporate team. This is something that should be looked into before thinking about starting an MLM business. Do your research.

The Compensation Plan

The World Ventures use what is called a Binary compensation plan. This basically means that you have to build two teams for your business. One team on your right and one team on your left, which is all viewable in your back office. Whenever you get three new representatives in your right and left team then you get your cycle bonus as well as getting paid for each personal enrollment. This type of compensation plan is good for building a team that can help and support each other.

And the genius part about the World Ventures compensation plan is that you do not have to personally sign up the new representatives in order for you to get the cycle bonus. Which means that potentially you can have your business built for you! But there are no promises, this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a legitimate home based business opportunity in the travel industry.

Get Four And Pay No More

If you introduce four people in to the World Ventures travel discount club then your monthly membership is waived and you are in the game for free. This is another genius incentive for getting started as an independent representative for the company. They want you to use word of mouth marketing, which is very powerful, to spread the word of the World Ventures Dream Trips.

You do not have to take one of the Dream Trips or sell a Dream Trip membership each month in order to get paid. If you are an active member then you will get paid. So ignore any World Ventures scam claims about the World Ventures compensation plan. Be sure to do you due diligence when looking in to a home based business opportunity and do not believe what everybody says, some people will try to divert people researching specific companies.

The future is bright for the World Ventures biz as it continues to spread around the world fast. This is a legitimate home based business in the travel industry.

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