World Cruise – How to Book and Prepare For Your Cruising Vacation

World cruise! When anyone hears the words “world cruise”, they will immediately think of a very long vacation. This is very true and there are only a few people who can get the chance to go on one. Usually such a trip that practically spans the globe takes three to four months in all, although there are part world cruises or segments. Because of the length of such a trip, it is not for anyone who has not gone on a cruise before, except if you are brave enough. This kind of vacation also costs a fortune so it is best to prepare for it well so you get the most out of your money and the most out of your time as well.

Choosing a Cruise Line:
The first thing you have to do is choose a cruising line. And by doing so, you are also choosing your schedule since most lines only have one cruise around the world in a year. Usually the ship sails by winter or spring but there are the occasional summer and fall trips.

There are only a few lines that offer world cruises so before choosing, it is better to get to know more about them better. But since such voyages are very long, it is better to choose one that you have sailed on before to other destinations. It is very risky to choose a line that you or anyone you know has not tried before. Some of the lines that offer this type of arrangement are: Cunard, Crystal, Holland America, P&O, Princess and Regent Seven Seas.

Cunard has been offering such trips longer than all of the other lines so they already have a good track record. Crystal and Regent Seven Seas are luxury ships and are ideal for you if you have a loose travel budget. However, be sure to check the destination since there are some lines such as Crystal that do not literally sail around the world. Crystal’s 2009 cruise only goes around the Pacific.

Booking and Choosing a Room:
Choosing a room is very important when booking for such a lengthy trip. Keep in mind that you will be stuck in this room for two to three months, so choose wisely. If you get sick when the sea gets a little nasty, then choose a room whose location is more stable such as the center of the ship.

When you want a room with a veranda, you may want to check out the rear location of the ship. This part usually benefits better ocean views than other parts. Also, you will be closer to restaurants since they tend to be more located in the lower and upper rear of the ship. But whatever your room preferences are, never choose one that is near the elevator. It will be noisy all day long since passengers tend to sleep late because of the numerous night entertainments available on these ships.

Packing for your Cruise:
Packing light is impossible when you go on such a vacation. Aside from your daily wear, you will have to bring clothes for special occasions such as formal or casual night parties. And if you want to wear something new for each event, call your line and ask how many formal and casual nights there are onboard.

Another important thing you should ask is about laundry services and facilities: if they are free or paid for. While you cannot limit clothes for special occasions, you can limit everyday ordinary clothes. That is if laundry won’t cost you a fortune.

The clothes you pack for your world destination cruise should match both warm and cold climate. US and Europe ports/cities of call may have cold climate while the tropics may have warm. Most parts of Asia have warm and tropical climate all year round but you could arrive there in the middle of the rainy season. So be sure to bring rain gear.

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