Visiting Iceland For The Beer Day Festival

Around the world, there are many wonderful festivals offered in many different countries. Some came seem very strange, like the naked man festival held annually in Japan. However, sometimes a festival comes around that sounds like too much fun to pass up. The Icelandic Beer Day Festival is such an event. Get ready to add some passport pages. Taking a trip to Iceland for this festival could end up being one of the best times of your life. So, make sure your passport is up to date and plan a trip to Iceland.

International Travel

If you are going to be doing any international travel you will be required to have a valid United States passport with you. With a passport, you can travel and enter any country in the world and then be granted access back into the United States when your vacation is over with. If you travel extensively, you may be running out of pages in your passport. If this is the case, you will need to contact a passport agency so that you can add pages to it.

Scenic Landscapes

Do not let the name Iceland fool you. The country actually has very nice weather for the majority of the year and is covered in lush greenery. There are an incredible amount of contrasts the country offers travelers. It is said that Iceland is the country where America meets Europe. There are parts of Iceland that are very scenic because it has remained untouched by human civilization for centuries. Iceland is a very unique travel destination that has something to offer everyone.

First Beer Day

The very first Beer Fest Day was held in 1989. This was the year when beer became legal in Iceland. Before that, Iceland banned the sale of beer due to health concerns. However, the country still allowed wine and liquor to be sold. Finally, Iceland came to its senses, and with the increase in tourism, began selling beer to its citizens and travelers alike. Now, every year on March 1, people flock to Iceland to celebrate the wonderful world of beer. It is a fun filled day with people coming from all over the world to enjoy a couple pints of Iceland’s best brews.

Icelandic Breweries

Iceland loves its beer. Even though there are only a few breweries in Iceland, the citizens truly love its beer. In honor of the end of its prohibition, they celebrate the beverage every year. On this day, bars are kept open way past normal operating hours to cater to the masses that descend upon the country. Beers are discounted on this day and everyone comes out to enjoy the company of the people over a nice pint of brew. Icelandic beers are much different than American beers because they use only the cleanest Icelandic waters in their brewing processes.

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