Travel The World – Experience The Places That Other Tourists Do Not Know About Yet

For many younger people taking a gap year and traveling the world is seen as their last chance to experience true freedom before they enter the big hard world of corporate pressure or before starting a few hard years of studying at university. For many of us in the world our holidays amount to two weeks in the sun in the summer and the odd weekend away here and there if we are lucky or until we have kids of our own, so what is the big deal about traveling the world for a year and what is the best way to spend your time when seeing the world?

As we all know the world is a much smaller place now than it was twenty years ago, cheap airlines, the internet and improvements in communication have made all four corners of the world accessible to all. Even the remotest of places on earth are accessible if you are determined enough to get to them opening up a totally new world of experiences to the hardy traveler.

But even within Europe there are placed that for many years in the past have been totally out of bounds to travelers and now with the break up of the former Soviet states many countries are welcoming tourists to their shores as they are seen as a vital part of their economy. To many of the ex Soviet countries tourism is still in its infancy so it is still possible to get to see the real side of the country rather than the commercialized side that we usually get to see when in the more popular tourist destinations. The benefits of this are numerous, you get to see totally wonderful architecture that was constructed for the country rather than for the tourist, you get to meet people that are still inquisitive with tourists rather than seeing them as a way to make a fast buck and finally you will generally find that these countries are cheaper than may other tourist hotspots as at present they are grateful for the increase in revenue that tourists bring to them.

This will not always be the case though so while you can you would be advised to take the opportunity to take the time to visit countries such as Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and Bulgaria before tourism becomes a way of life for the inhabitants. You may think that Bulgaria is a strange place to visit in the context of new tourism but for much of the land tourism is a relatively new phenomenon as most tourists who do visit the country tend to stay at the beach resorts on the East coast and venture no further a field. Those who do take the time to travel Bulgaria will find a country that has a varied landscape of mountains and lakes that in the winter yield great skiing conditions and in the summer months are great for climbers and walkers. Those who do travel Bulgaria [] are always impressed by what they find, and this is the same with so many of the Balkan states, countries with beautiful untouched countryside that offers a wonderful holiday to anyone who would like to do something a little different.

From these countries it is now possible to enter Russia, as long as you have the correct paperwork, and continue your traveling right the way across Europe and into Asia to visit some truly untouched countries that are as welcoming as they are beautiful. This is the type of traveling that you are unlikely to get another chance in life to replicate so if and when you get the opportunity you would be wise to take it and have memories that will last a lifetime of countries that are totally unspoilt. This has got to be a better option than traveling around the same old tourist spots that everyone else will be doing.

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