Travel Insurance – For Your International Travel

Travel insurance will provide complete coverage towards misplaced luggage and valuables, canceled trips, injuries etc. There are lots of travel insurance agencies who offer you travel insurance. Read through the document carefully and choose a travel insurance that is best suited for you and your family. There are at least six types of travel insurance available, which are meant for different travelers and trips:

Comprehensive travel medical insurance: Travelers, who do not have a medical insurance even at their own country, should purchase the Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance. This type of insurance is likely to cover personal liability, medical insurance, business trips and even dangerous/adventure activities.

Medical evacuation (medevac) insurance: Medical evacuation (medevac) insurance plan provides medical coverage, air evacuation services that includes medical transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility and then home if necessary. This plan also covers you while you’re away from home until the time you get back-irrespective of whether it is for a quick weekend trip or for a year. Besides, it also covers emergency medical expenses which are often not fully covered by your health plan.

Emergency travel medical insurance: Emergency travel medical insurance is for people who already have a medical insurance, which is country specific. It will not insure the person when he is traveling abroad. This insurance will cover emergency services abroad only, but when you are home, it will not be covered.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance: This insurance covers all the expenses of refund or penalties that are caused due to the cancellation of the trip. The trip Cancellation insurance and Interruption insurance also provides coverage of your insured’s trip cost when you or a traveling companion cancels or interrupts a trip for specific reasons. However, war and terrorism might not be included, or may be covered only at an additional charge.

Supplier default insurance: Supplier default insurance covers money you lose because of the insolvency of an airline, cruise line, tour operator, or other providers of travel services. Few travel insurance companies have eliminated this benefit, while others pick and choose which travel suppliers they will insure. Read the fine print carefully for any conditions which apply.

Rental car insurance: Rental car insurance covers damage or theft to a vehicle you rent and/or liability to other people or vehicles you injure or damage. Most of the credit card companies have rental car collision insurance but not the liability insurance. Read through the fine print carefully.

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