Travel Guide to the Serengeti National Park

Welcome on a Serengeti safari which is the home of all wild animals in Africa. This reserve is found at the Kenya-Tanzania border and is one of the largest by mass in eastern Africa as well as Africa as a whole. This is the only park that experiences one of the most spectacular wonders on earth known to the whole world, the migration of the wildebeests that cross from Maasai Mara to Serengeti each year in search of greener pastures and water. Millions of them take part in this move that carries together with it their predators such as hyenas, lions, vultures, and leopards among others.

On the Serengeti safari, accommodations are spectacular because this place is well supplied with a variety of luxury lodges ranging from tented camps to the other luxurious bush lodges. There are bigger ones at various destinations that meet the standards of a five star hotel. Some of the exciting activities to enjoy while on the Serengeti safari include horse riding, hot air balloons, trekking, and swimming.etc. There is also a wide variety of birds to watch at any time of the day. Means of transport is enhanced as there are well maintained and comfortable vehicles with excellent parking lots. Tour guides who are well versed with the wild animals and other local knowledge take the lead but there is the option of going alone as preferred.

On the Serengeti safari one is able to see rivers that surround the park especially to the south. These rivers supply the wild animals with water as well as being homes to other animals such as crocodiles and hippos. This is the only place in Africa where the animals co-exist with human beings. The Savannah produces a nice background for video shootings and other movie productions, both local and international.

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