Top Attractions in Paris, France

Top Attractions in Paris, France

Are you going on a vacation to France this year? Shaped like hexagon, France is home to some of the top attractions in the world. To make sure you get the best of your vacation in France, here are some of the must see places in the country.

Topping the list is the world renowned structure of Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris. Built in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, this landmark has become one of the most important structures in France, attracting thousands of tourists from different parts of the world yearly. The Eiffel towers stands more than 1000 feet from the ground with three amazing platforms and gives the magnificent view of the city of Paris. Tourists can also dine in the Eiffel tower for there are two restaurants in the tower. Visitors are allowed to climb the two levels of the tower by steps while the summit part can be reached through an elevator.

In addition, there is the Disneyland Paris. The happiest place on earth has invaded France in 1992 through Disneyland Paris, a theme park lying on more than 5,000 acres of land. There are numerous attractions, magical adventures, and world class rides in Disneyland Paris that families would surely love.

Lastly, the most famous museum in the world – Louvre Museum, is also located in the city of Paris. The museum is located in the center of Paris, between the La Rue de Rivoli and River Seine. The museum showcases different collections such as those from Roman, Egypt, and Greece Empires. Not to mention, the Louvre Museum also houses the most famous painting in the world – Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

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