The Unofficial 8th Wonder of the World – Palm Island Dubai

The Unofficial 8th Wonder of the World – Palm Island Dubai

Innovation and great vision represents the design of the extraordinary Palm Island Dubai. This design feat is sometimes referred to as the 8th wonder of the world. The island was originally developed to encourage tourists to Dubai. The structure has fabulous facilities and offerings designed for long-term occupants in addition to travelers which visit Dubai to savor the peaceful surrounds and relish one of the finest trips of their lives.

The Palm Island Dubai is one of the key reasons why Dubai is unquestionably a hot tourist area attracting visitors from all over the world. Around the island, you can find numerous beach front residences in which travellers and locals can stay without having to be disrupted. Residences including apartments and villas on the island are available on a freehold basis. Dubai expatriates and locals are entitled to rent and / or offer their house for sale at their own individual discretion.

In and around the Palm Island Dubai, you’ll find several deluxe hotels including the famous Atlantis Hotel, plus a larger number of domestic property buildings as well as outstanding private accommodation. There are also several shopping complexes and the first marine park within the Middle East.

Following a thorough feasibility investigation, the venture took approximately four years to be completed and it was successfully done without any disturbance to the natural marine environment. The beachfront structure was initially conceptualized and sketched by Sheikh Mohammed. Construction commenced in the year 2001.

A crescent shaped breakwater was first built using mountain rock once the seabed had been thoroughly surveyed by professional divers. The Palm Island Dubai crescent is 13 feet above low tide sea level. There are 328 gaps around the breakwater which is aimed at reducing stagnation in the deep and narrow channels and allowing for total water circulation. The breakwater was made to safeguard the island from the weather aspects such as storms. Sand from the sea floor was then extracted and made thicker via a process of vibro-compaction and this was then used to build the island.

The fronds or palm leaves on the Palm island Dubai can be accessed by passing along the trunk of the Palm which is in fact the primary entry way. Logo Islands are an identical pair of islands beside the Palm Island that have been built in the shape of a palm leaf. These two islands are owned by the ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom.

The Palm Island Dubai breakwater is attached to the mainland by way of a sub-sea tunnel. A high-tech monorail operates through the entire length of the island helping to make easy access for tourists and residents. The island is located to the immediate south of “The World Dubai,” another breakthrough venture in Dubai. The Palm Island Dubai is so big that you can in fact see the structure from space!

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