Taking Your London Minibus Hire Spelunking

Spelunking is an increasingly popular past time in the UK. It can be quite dangerous and isn’t something that you want to attempt alone. Taking all your friends and gear along is easier with a London Minibus Hire.

The UK boasts many cave regions that has caves to explore of all different varieties for all different skill levels. The top ten reported regions are: Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, South Walkes, Mendip Hills, South Devon, County Fermahalgh, Ireland, County Claire, Ireland, Sutherland, Appin, and the Isle of Man.

One thing that you’ll want to look out for when spelunking is “bad air” which refers to cave air that has low levels of Oxygen and high levels of other gasses such as Methane, Ammonia, or carbon dioxide. In case of Methane, bad air can be flammable.

Vertical Cavers uses ladders or SRT to avoid the need for climbing passages that are too difficult. SRT however is a complex skill and requires proper training before use underground and needs well-maintained equipment.

According to the SRT rigging guide you’ll want to take Sturdy clothing and footwear, hard hats, halogen lamps, ropes, very sturdy boots, helmet mounted lights, lots of repelling equipment, Emergency first aid kits, extra batteries, and lots of food and water to be carried evenly by all persons as exerting oneself while wearing so many layers carries the risk of dehydration. All of this equipment and more can be easily carried by your London Minibus Hire along with the many adventurous friends you’re willing to take with you.

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