Spain Travel Information

Spain Travel Information

Spain is full of magical points of interest. There’s Madrid in the center, Barcelona to the northeast and Seville to the south–just to name a few. Before you pack your bags and head off to Spain, here’s some great travel information. Knowing the climate and when to go can make all the difference in the world.

The Climate

There’s nothing worse than taking a dream vacation and getting blindsided by poor weather. It would be foolish to just rush off to Spain without knowing what the conditions will be like once you arrive.

Did you know that Spain’s summers typically reach 90-100ºF? If you don’t like the warm to hot weather, stay away from Spain during the months of June, July and August. The main points of interest may get a bit unbearable for you. However, air conditioning is commonplace in the hotels.

May and October, which are just before and after the summer, make great times to visit Spain. The Falls are beautiful.

Key Travel Tip

Here’s a great Spain travel tip for you. If you hate overcrowding and love the beaches, don’t visit Spain in July or August. During these two months, the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for enjoyment. Herds of tourists and locals flock to the beaches to enjoy it. It’s a seasonal event.

Since many locals hit the beaches, you might find shops closed or operating minimally. The Mediterranean Sea isn’t great for swimming in many months out of the year, so many look forward to these couple of months each year.


Spain offers many festivals throughout the year. A popular one is the Fiesta De San Fermin. You probably know one of its events–the running of the bulls. Pamplona is a special place each July.

Do some research and plan your trip around a festival that you would really love to see.

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