Skiing the Slopes in Dubai at Ski Dubai

If you’ve always dreamt of taking off on a skiing holiday with your family, then Dubai is the place to do it. Forget the Swiss Alps, now the Ski Dubai indoor skiing facility allows you to enjoy the slopes with out ever leaving the Middle East. This indoor ski resort is of gargantuan proportions covering 22,500 square feet and is located in one of the city’s busiest malls- Mall of the Emirates.

The resort was opened in 2005 making it the first ever indoor ski facility in the region and has since then drawn local and foreign tourists alike. Ski Dubai offers you five different slopes of different levels of difficulty from beginner to expert. Also the activities that you can engage in here are not limited to skiing, as snowboarding, tobogganing or just frolicking around in the powdery white snow are also options.

For first timers, Ski Dubai offers qualified instructors to guide them on their way to becoming accomplished skiers. In addition to this all the equipment that you need to conquer the ski slopes of Dubai can be hired in-house. For those that wish to live on the wild side, snowboarding would be an exhilarating activity. Ski Dubai has a 400 meter run, complete with jumps and rails designed for freestyle snowboarding.

Snow Park is something that younger children and families would enjoy. It is a 3,000 square meter facility complete with a snow filled cavern, a bobsled ride and tobogganing hills. The observation tower offers breathtaking panoramic views of the ski slopes and the snowboard run.

Ski Dubai offers you the complete package for a wonderful day out with the family that you can end with a relaxing meal at the St. Moritz café. The ambience of the café mirrors a traditional European ski lodge with a fireplace and views of the slopes below. Located in one of the city’s busiest areas, almost everything a traveler would want can be found here such as shopping, dining options and a top notch hotel Dubai is proud to own.

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