Safety Guide for Tourists Staying in Vienna Hotels

Vienna has something to offer every traveler. Music scholars know Vienna has been home to more famous composers than any city. History buffs visit because this 2,500 year old city was home to the Habsburg dynasty, capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and a hotbed of international espionage during the Cold War. Nature lovers will appreciate the many parks, preserves, and waterways plus, of course, the Vienna Woods.

When visiting Vienna, you don’t want your vacation ruined by criminals. American tourists are common targets in Europe because the perception is that all Americans are rich. Vienna hotels are no more dangerous than other hotels, but a few simple tips will keep you and your possessions safe so you will have nothing but good memories at the end.

Read up on Vienna hotels before arriving

If Vienna is a new travel destination for you, how will you know where to stay? By using online travel resources, you can view pictures, maps of the hotels location within the city, and read reviews about the various Vienna hotels within your price range.

Protect your valuables

If possible, leave valuables at home. If you have to bring an expensive object such as a camera, keep it with you. If it isn’t reasonable to keep it on your person, store it in the in-room safe or, better yet, in the front desk safe most Vienna hotels have. Don’t hide your valuables in dresser drawers. Believe it or not, thieves know about that clever ruse.

Lock your door and protect your keys

Never prop open your door when you leave the room, even if it’s just to visit the snack machine. When you are inside the room, keep all locks bolted including the chain. If you should lose your keycard, insist on a new key not just a duplicate of the old one. Don’t stay in Vienna hotels that still use old-fashioned metal keys.

Keep your car safe

Many Vienna hotels offer valet parking; use it. Your car will be kept in a protected area and you are spared a lonely walk across a dark parking lot. Not only that, but Vienna hotels are responsible for damage to cars in valet lots, something that is not true if you park in the regular lot. Better yet, forget the car and use taxis. If the neighborhood seems shady, talk to the front desk about using a car service instead.

Dress down

Don’t wear expensive or new clothes or carry expensive luggage. When walking around, a ratty day pack is a smarter choice than a designer purse or bag. Use a money belt rather than a wallet and keep it hidden. Wearing a money belt outside your pants defeats the purpose!

Book Vienna hotels through a flexible resource

If once you arrive at the hotel for the first time you’re not impressed by the hotel or the location, you don’t want to feel pressured to stay there just because you’ve booked a room and can’t get your money back. Instead, book Vienna hotels agencies like allow you to secure a spot in Vienna hotels without a reservation or cancellation fee.

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