Roller Coasters at Disneyland Paris

Roller Coasters at Disneyland Paris

Anyone who loves roller coasters and excitement would be crazy not to ride the Space Mountain roller coaster, it’s out of this world…! and is certainly among the best rides at Disneyland Paris. It’s a well thought out ride, with both speed, twist’s and turns, as well as an amazing light show which represents the night sky with stars and planets all around you. As you are propelled through space don’t forget to hold your arms in the air and scream as loud as you can as your photograph is taken for your keepsake at Disneyland Paris.

Toy Story Playland area was initially opened in the Walt Disney Studios park on Aug 2010, putting 3 new rides on the line-up at the Disneyland Paris Resort’s 2nd theme recreation area.

New rides in the Toy Story Playland are RC Racer and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Each one was designed and themed around character’s from the film Toy Story. There are currently no dining places to be found within the new land, however there’s a little retail store offering Toy Story products.

One of the most extreme of Toy Story Playland’s points of interest is RC Racer, influenced from the fast remote-controlled car which plays an important part in the latest Toy Story films. The actual ride is really a half-pipe roller-coaster, produced by ‘Intamin’ plus designed to appear like the actual Hot Wheels track which RC rides from the Toy Story films. A nice touch, is the design of the pathway within the queue line, it is shaped and designed to appear like a long racetrack.

Even though it appears like a rollercoaster, RC Racer is much like the old fairground ride, “swinging boat” that can be found at fairgrounds & theme parks worldwide. Nevertheless, unlike the old version of this ride RC Racer is fast and exhilarating. Riders are secured by the over-the-shoulder harnesses and also attachment by a seat belt.

Standing tall and proud the Toy Soldiers Parachute Dropis twenty five meters high and is an imposing site within the Toy Story Playland. The ride dominates Walt Disney Studios skyline, alongside the stunning Twilight Tower of Terror and can even be seen from Frontierland.

For thrill seekers alike, don’t forget to try out the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and travel through the darkness in a coaster boat and ride the rapids before floating majestically through the calm waters as the rugged drunken pirates scowl at you and your family…protecting their treasure! For me one of the best rides at Disneyland Paris.

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