Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland

The name Iceland may conjure a land which is frozen in snow and chilly winds, yet you will discover there is more to this country than these. The capital city of Iceland is that of Reykjavik. Located at the latitude of 64°08′ N you will find that Reykjavik is considered to be the world’s most northern capital city of a sovereign state. The city of Reykjavik itself can be found located in the south western part of Iceland. Here situated on the southern shores of Faxafloi Bay.

The beginnings of this beautiful city can be traced back to 870. At this time it was first established by Ingolfur Arnarson as a permanent settlement. It was not until 1786 that Reykjavik was officially born as a city. From this point onwards the city grew into an official trading town and then developed into the city that you can see today. Today you will find that Reykjavik has developed itself into a modern metropolis where you can enjoy the many facilities and sights which make visiting another most interesting.

You will find there are many interesting places that you can visit while you are in Reykjavik. Among these sights you may wish to visit the Tjornin Lake. This lake is also known as Reykjavik Pond. As you relax by this lake you will be able to see the Reykjavik City Hall not too far away. Many locals and visitors both young and old come here armed with bread to feed the ducks which live here in this lake. For those of you who are nature minded don’t forget to bring some bread and try your hand at making friends with the lake’s inhabitants.

In addition to feeding the Reykjavik Pond ducks you will find there are many interesting places that you can visit. One such place that you may find of interest when you come to Reykjavik is that of the National Cathedral. You will be able to find this cathedral located next to the Althingi – this is Reykjavik’s parliament – which is a very small sized church.

Another sight that you will be able to see in the city is that of the Perlan. This is a rotating restaurant where you will have the ability of seeing spectacular views of the entire city. This restaurant is located on the top of Reykjavik’s water towers. To see this marvelous cityscape view you don’t need to be a patron and dine in the restaurant. This however is a marvelous place for you to enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying the scenic beauty as the restaurant revolves around the city.

While there are plenty of interesting places that you can visit while you are in Reykjavik the Imagine Peace Tower is one place that you should not miss visiting. This memorial to John Lennon can be found on Vioey Island across from Reykjavik’s harbor. The memorial is a “tower of light” which is projecting into the sky.

With so many places that you can visit in the world you may wonder why you should spend a holiday in Reykjavik. Perhaps these sights described here will invite you to discover the other fabulous sights which are waiting to be uncovered. So the next time you are looking forward to a holiday with a difference see about choosing Reykjavik for some great memories.

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