Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide

Pattaya Thailand Travel Guide

The town of Pattaya is located just an hour from the Bangkok International Airport and is a popular weekend getaway for residents of the capital city. The lively, fun, and exciting town offers tropical beaches, some family-friendly activities, and value shopping. Dining options are inexpensive, plentiful and feature some of the best Thai fusion food in the country. Hotel prices and packages vary depending on the budget and the exquisite beachfront destination never tires in attractions and sightseeing opportunities.

Some of the more popular activities available in the seaside town of Pattaya vary from parasailing in the bay, deep sea fishing, elephant riding, strolling through tropical gardens, and tai chi on the beach. The area is full of adventure activities that can be self-guided or accompanied by a trusty and informative tour guide. Pattaya is known for its diving options and is one of the oldest areas in all of Asia for Scuba diving. The diving season runs year-round and the water temperature is perfect for this activity. Diving centers and companies boast offices along the waterfront as well as Walking Street and feature certifications and classes for diving students. The rich marine life and coral that surround the reefs make the area one of the most scenic diving places in the world.

For a little less adventure, tourists may witness beautiful sunsets along the outskirts of the city or relax at a day spa or beauty treatment center. Horseback riding can be enjoyed at one of the area’s stables such as the Horseshoe Point Riding Academy. There is also a polo club that lies at the edge of Pattaya and is often frequented by members of the Thai royal family.

Travelers longing to spend the day touring other areas near and around Pattaya have their choice of day trip options to choose from. Visits to area temples, the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, or the Elephant Village can all be arranged. Motor coach buses pick tourists up at their hotels and transport them to the various destinations. Most day trips last all morning, all afternoon, or both. In some cases, lunch and a light snack may be provided. The highly sought after Elephant Village day trip allows guests to witness a large elephant show featuring the world’s most majestic animals.

Shopping in Pattaya offers a unique experience and includes trips to shops, boutiques, and smaller scale open air markets. Fashionable boutiques provide silk garments, gemstones, and jewelry that tourists can, at times obtain a good deal on. Shops in the area also sell unique paintings, handicrafts, and plenty of souvenirs.

Gourmet Thai cuisine can be found throughout Pattaya. Depending on the palate, visitors can sink their teeth into genuine Thai dishes or a fusion of flavors that combine Thai with German, Russian, Mexican, Korean, or even Indian fare. Many of the gourmet restaurants are found in the heart of Pattaya while the resorts also offer four and five star quality meals.

When the sun goes down in Pattaya, the nightlife comes alive. Known internationally as the naughtiest city in the world, Pattaya offers entertainment for the tame or raucous at heart. North Pattaya’s nightlife is quieter than many of the other locations throughout the city. Restaurants, bars, and pubs are scattered throughout the area and provide casual drink and dining atmospheres to topless go-go girl venues. Taking a walk down the Pattaya Bay Promenade after hours offers a colorful display of the people and culture of Thailand. Many tourists are accosted by the occasional bar girl but the sights can be interesting and picture worthy.

If it’s a wild nightlife scene or beachfront paradise you are looking for, Pattaya will meet your needs and then some. Pattaya is a great place to get away from everyday life and experience a look into Thailand like no other.

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