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Whether you live in Oman or you have flown in for a week or two there is nothing more serene than traveling through Oman. The canvas spread before you as you tour the surrounding cities makes every city worth the visit. Here’s some popular places and things you may want to do while you visit in Oman.

Everyone knows hot springs are places visited by the very rich to the pauper, but the interesting views from these such places is well worth the journey. Many people, mostly Europeans come to Oman to visit the many natural hot springs from the north all the way to the south and even further away as the east.

Take a salon car and begin your journey to Nakhal, here you will find market sales on Fridays and even more interesting things along the way. As you exit the city beyond the entrance you will be going in the direction of Rustaq. In the pre-roman era Rustaq was a capital city, but not sits in ruins. However, the fort located here is magnificent and the area boasts hot springs as well.

If you’re not wanting to travel in this direction very long, you may opt to reverse direction and take the road to Quriyat starting at the Wadi Adai round-a-bout. Quiryat is located near the coast and is often a place for many to enjoy. Quriyat sits about ninety kilometers from Muscat, as it is a sea town, there will be many things to do here. The fort that protects the coast of this little town is also very unusual. If you have time, ask the locals for directions to Hail al Ghaf. The interesting part of this journey is Hail al Ghaf is lushly green. A wide spot of color in the middle of the desert and so close to Quriyat!

Quriyat is almost a central city that you may stay the night in, if you wish to venture out to other ocean side towns and villages. As fishing is a mainstay for many of the Oceanside villages and towns, these day excursions will offer highlights of these events on arrival. Two other towns you should consider visiting, because you will be so close to them in Quriyat, is Masarah and Wadi Daykah. These two are fishing villages, but well worth the visit! The atmosphere and the ambiance of the quaintness makes them charming. In Wadi, there is a nearly completed Damn, that may offer more interest and should be visited if you have time.

If you’re looking for another day trip, you may want to consider going to Yeti and Sifah. Both are easy to venture to, from Muscat. Traditions range here, from every aspect of the fishing industry to the quaint homes.

Throughout the towns of Oman you will find petrol pumps offering toilets in the rear of the establishments and Coffee Shops offering sodas, snacks, tea and coffee. Most of the roads are in great shape, the people are most often helpful and hospitable.

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