Oman Travel Will Bring You Into an Exciting World

An excellent vacation option for anyone looking to visit a new area of the world is to take a vacation to Oman. Oman vacations provide visitors with the ability to see some of the world’s most historic sites and view a very unique culture. Getting to Oman is quite easy. Oman travel can begin with a flight into the capital city of Muscat.

During your travel, you should be sure to visit the governorate of Muscat. Muscat is the oldest known human settlement and it is believed to date back to the Stone Age, which would make it approximately 5,000 years old. Many travel tours will include this on part of the tour.

A great time to visit is during Oman holidays. During holidays, such as Eid many women are seen wearing traditional dresses which are very brightly colored and fall to about mid calf length. The women most frequently wear the dresses over a pair of pants. Most Oman holidays are based around cultural events. Eid is a fun filled three day celebration which takes place after the Ramadan. If you plan your Oman vacations during this celebration, you will get to take part in the celebration which includes great feasts.

Oman vacations should also include trips to the coastline to take advantage of the hot sun and beautiful beaches. The beaches contain many spectacular viewing points as well as a number of high end and luxurious resorts. For those looking for more activity, the mountainous regions of Oman offer plenty of hiking opportunities.

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