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There are numerous opportunities for memorable vacations all across New York State. You have the whole spectrum between exotic or entertaining vacations in New York City, capitalizing on the hustle and bustle of urban sophistication, to the quiet and peaceful relaxing vacations “getting away from it all” and innumerable possibilities in between!

A popular vacation spot is located in and around Niagara Falls, on the north-western corner of the state. Boat tours right in the Niagara River that go behind the Falls for an exciting new perspective are always popular. Many people like to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful views. Open all year round, it is just as spectacular in the winter with its partially frozen pillars and tremendous ice jams, as it is in the late spring when the rushing water is at its greatest volume. Other attractions in the area include the Aquarium and the numerous dining facilities. Some people think of Niagara Falls as the “honeymoon capital of the world,” while others just think of it as an “awesome display of God’s handiwork in Creation.” A visit there for a day or a week or longer would certainly be a satisfying New York vacation. Accommodation would range from a KOA (Kampgrounds of America) campsite, where you can pitch your family tent, to the 5-star resorts with elaborate honeymoon suites to suit everyone’s tastes.

Traveling east along the southern shore of Lake Ontario brings further opportunities for a satisfying vacation, and many people try to arrange their year so that their vacation coincides with the NY State Fair in Syracuse. Families whose children belong to various 4-H Clubs around the state will come for a week’s vacation to show all their achievements of the year, and triumphantly come home with as many blue ribbons as possible.

Other families and groups have been known to take extensive fishing vacations at various locations across the state where the lakes and rivers have excellent reputations for various types of fish.

Upstate New York around Lake George and surrounding areas is a very commercialized vacation area where thousands of people flock each summer to participate in the many water-play facilities which are available. Anyone who enjoys vacationing where there are vast crowds and noisy entertainment would enjoy this vacation area. Here again are many choices for lodging from the simple to the sublime.

The last type of New York vacation I’ll mention in this article would be to spend a few days or more in New York City, itself, the great symbol of our national “melting pot” heritage. Book a motel or hotel room or suite. This can easily be done online many months in advance if you wish. Your only problem would be the large selection to choose from! You can narrow it down by price, location or amenities. Some of the top New York attractions are: Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, and almost 200 Museums! (The most popular are the Museums of History and Art especially).

Lots of people like to visit Times Square, Ground Zero (former site of the World Trade Center that was destroyed on 9/11/01 by terrorists) and Ellis Island as well. So as not to be totally overwhelmed, probably the best idea for someone planning to spend their vacation in NYC would be to check some travel guides ahead of time for activities, entertainment and restaurants. That way a general itinerary could be established before the actual vacation began. After that, just have fun!

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