Michael James Dittbenner And His Journey On Taking An “Indefinite Sabbatical” To Travel The World

His name is Michael Dittbenner, a biotech guy turned into a full-time traveler. He records his travels in his online blog which focuses mainly on video broadcasting of all the places he has been to all over the world. All the video clips found in his blog site of his journeys are only 2 – 3 minutes in length so as to avoid boredom from his audience according to him, which I think is definitely true.

I chanced upon Michael who was once a corporate office buff and was actually quite happy in the field of biotechnology up until he discovered that there’s more to life besides the four walls of his sleek office. He had reached success and enjoyed a high position and a great salary. He was also able to make sound and not so sound investments and some more of the stuff that spell great money for a guy his age, 35.

Although one day, in the midst of all, he came to realize that after all his corporate success, it was not fulfilling his life the way he wanted to. He took a step back, looked at things that are really important to him, had a change of heart, decided to give it all up and moved to the West Coast. An irrational move in some respect but according to him is actually the wisest decision he has ever made and he was hyped about it.

The one thing that led him to naming his very interesting blog site My F’n Life was when he met a friend of his for breakfast. His friend advised him to list down the things that are important to him. He did as he was told and started to notice that all the things he listed actually starts with the letter F. That was when he said to himself, “Wow! What a cool f’n life!”

He plans to travel a lot and share his exploits in the web to his friends and relatives. He bought a tiny pocket Sony camera for the purpose of capturing each and every single moment of his travels. He learned that a camera with a built-in microphone is not enough to perform the job of quality recording. He then bought a Kodak X18 camera together with an external microphone; and that actually worked great.

When asked whether the prospect of travelling alone makes him kind of nervous, he answered coyly that it makes him a little bit excited. He added that he never feels alone being away from his family and friends while doing his travels because of the existence of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Through these sites he plans to share his experiences alongside his website. It’s that sense of freedom he says that adds to the invigorating flavor of his plan.

A huge problem now exists that which concerns logistics so as to provide the whole funding of the endeavor which he extends to accomplish. According to him, he made some research about what essential things to pack through the internet. He also plans to establish an online business making use of his expertise in the biotech industry to financially support his travels. A good friend also gave him airline tickets which gave him the privilege to travel to different countries from South America to Asia using his friend’s mileage points.

Michael’s endeavor is not only for his own desire to travel, enjoy and experience lots of different cultures around the world. He also included plans to incorporate philanthropic activities to his travels such as doing missions in Africa and Cambodia. Quoting him, “It’s not just only about me.”

It has been an enlightening experience just by listening to Michael during the interview. Just by seeing this guy living a virtual vacation in reality is awe-inspiring in itself.

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