Medical Tourism Procedures

As healthcare costs skyrocket people in the United States are flocking to other countries to receive medical procedures. The medical travel industry is booming, and is expected to grow exponentially. Medical tourism refers to the act of traveling to other nations for the cost benefit of having a procedure done in that country. Medical travel that was once relegated to those people wealthy enough to afford elective cosmetic or dental surgery outside of their home country is now being utilized by people of all walks of life for a variety of medical procedures. People who lack insurance, or who have high-deductible health plans are finding that medical travel offers them huge cost saving benefits. Even people in England and Canada with their universal health care insurance are taking advantage of medical tourism due to the extremely long wait lines in their own countries for certain procedures.

Many foreign medical travel destination hospitals, clinics, and spas offer state of the art facilities and excellent physicians, surgeons and supporting medical staff. The quality of care and state-of-the-art equipment at these facilities are equal to those that we enjoy here in the United States, sometimes even surpasses the quality of care here in the United States. These overseas hospitals emphasize their patient satisfaction level because a happy patient recommendation to someone else, gains that hospital another patient. Medical tourism procedures are preformed overseas for a fraction of the price that we would pay in the United States. In addition, the patient saves money even after the expenses associated with travel are factored in such as airfare, hotel, and food.

Originally medical tourism procedures that Americans traveled for were mainly dental work, cosmetic surgery, and other elective surgeries. Now the types of medical travel procedures people undergo include: organ transplants such as kidney and liver, weight loss, procedures for female and male infertility, tumor removals, laparoscopic surgery, physical therapy and other rehabilitation procedures, orthopedics, ophthalmology procedures, neurological procedures, diagnostics, and cardiovascular procedures such as open heart surgery, and atrial fibrillation surgery, among an ever expanding list.

Everyone who is considering medical tourism procedures should first engage in a substantial amount of research to educate him or herself about medical tourism. A resource portal such as allows the future medical traveler to compare and contrast prices for various medical tourism procedures, and find out where those procedures are available. They can check out information about the facilities as well as medical travel facilitators that can help with the logistics of the whole trip.

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