Life in the Coastal Scottish Village of Lochinver, Highland

Life in the coastal Scottish village of Lochinver, Highland exemplifies fine Scottish Highlands culture at every turn. The town is the second largest fishing port in all of Scotland, and attracts many foreign fishermen from other European countries. The harbor area underwent extensive renovation in the 1990s, and its facilities have since been first-rate.

Lochinver derives its name from the River Inver, which flows into Loch Inver nearby the village. The area is also popular with fishing sportsmen, due to the presence of over 200 lochans of either the lake or sea inlet variety. The town’s rearmost portion abuts up against the border of the Assynt parish. It is a wild place of great natural beauty. There are notable mountains and the longest cave in Scotland for sightseers and tourists to explore.

Lochinver has a very nice main street, which is home to many shops and its most striking feature, the town’s war memorial which sits on the shore of the loch itself. A local hotel, the Culag, was built in 1873 as a shooting and hunting lodge. It was rebuilt after a particularly devastating fire which occurred in 1939. The town also offers one of the best opportunities to collect famed Highland stoneware pottery.

Paying homage to the fishing nature of the town, the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen calls Lochinver home. It is a building of considerable beauty and impressiveness. The town likes to pride itself on having some of the best scenic views from Lochinver and back across to the Suilven, which is considered one of the best mountains in Scotland itself.

The local government area of Highland, in the Scottish Highlands, is home to the town of Lochinver. It is the largest entity of its sort in both Scotland and the United Kingdom. It currently enjoys a population of around 218,000 people, which makes it sparsely populated. Both Lochinver and this region are home to some of Scotland’s most scenic and picturesque examples of natural beauty.

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