Life in Portugal: World Famous Spa Towns in Portugal

Life in Portugal: World Famous Spa Towns in Portugal

Everyone needs to relax from time to time. If you have just moved to Portugal and you want to go on a trip, consider visiting one of the country’s most popular spa towns. Due to their high quality waters, as well as their location, the most important ones are Caldas da Felgueira, Pedras Salgadas, Manteigas, and Caldas de Chaves. This European country is famous for its spa towns that were favored by the Romans for the purity of the water. Here you can also enjoy various activities and entertainment, both in the towns themselves and in the surrounding countryside.

Caldas de Monchique

This famous spa town is located in the Algarve region. Its waters have healing properties. Place of leisure and relaxation, this picturesque town offers a variety of thermal treatments and well being programs all year round. There are several spa resorts in the area. Most of them offer medical treatments, anti-stress baths, water massages, exfoliation, sliming baths, and beauty procedures.

Caldas da Rainha

Caldas da Rainha was founded by Queen Leonor in the 15th century. The Queen has built a hospital offering a number of procedures based on the healing properties of the springs in the area. Today this is the oldest thermal hospital in the world. With its sulphur rich waters and numerous tourist attractions, this thermal spa town attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you can visit Alcobaça – an impressive medieval town, Óbidos – the most visited historic site outside of Lisbon, and Batalha – an amazing Dominican monastery and cathedral.


This region is renowned for the quality and purity of its thermal waters. Local legends highlight the healing power of these waters. The Thermal Centre of Monfortinho dates back to Roman times. Those who come here can benefit from a diversified range of treatments, including balneotherapy, airway therapy, physical therapy, Ayurvedic massages, and stone massages. The procedures are complete, combining spiritual well being with physical relaxation.

Pedras Salgadas

Pedras Salgadas is famous for its mineral waters that are naturally carbonated and hypo-thermal, with a rich content in sodium. This small spa town boasts world class spa facilities and green countryside. Its springs have been known since Roman times. The mineral and thermal waters in this region are recommended for respiratory and digestive diseases, stress, weight control, osteoporosis, and rheumatism. There are numerous golf courses in the area, as well as several swimming pools, parks, spa reports, and guided tours.

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