In 2007 Montenegro Earned Quite Well With The Tourism

The number of the tourists who visited Montenegro in the course of the first 9 months of this year reached 1,1 million people. It brought to the State the profit of 420 million euro, that is on more, than during the same period of the last year, – “the Service of continents ” informs. 2007 is the most successful year for the last 20 years – according to the data of the ministry of tourism in Montenegro, the total number of travellers has increased in 19 {d12c25610243042b09500b0060ea6d37dace7f22fb8ef1db378f2f4a8d1039ec}. Thus, the number of visitors from the Northern, Western and the Central Europe has increased most of all. It is connected with the growing interest to mountaineering and national parks.

The tourist organizations in Montenegro emphasize that the basic problems for the further development of tourism in the country are the following: the bad infrastructure, shortage of water, illegal building and warehousing of garbage near the tourist centers.

Montenegro is a small and young country with the population of 620 000 people, which has an exit to the Adriatic sea and proclaimed its independence from Serbia in 2006. Nowadays it is the youngest state in Europe.

The average height of waves at the coast of Montenegro is about 0.5 metres; the average height of the rising tide is only about 30 cm. The water is dark blue, the transparency is 40-55 metres, its salinity is from 28 ? in a gulf Boka Cotorskii in the north up to 38 ? in the south near Ultsinia.

The beaches of Montenegro are stretched along the Adriatic coast from Gertseg-Novi in the north and along Tivata, Cotora, Budva and Bar up to Ultsinia in the south. 173 beaches with the general extent of 73 km constitute practically a quarter of the whole coast with the length of 293 km.

The mountain-mass Durmitor situated in the northern part of Montenegro is the most attractive place for tourists in winter. There is the deepest canyon in Europe – a majestic canyon of the river Tara – in the neighbourhood. And the small city Zhabljak, situated highly in the mountains, is surrounded by many lakes and mountain tops.

Zhabljak, due to its natural beauty, attracts a great number of tourists in summer too. The very fact, that in spring, in autumn and in summer the mountain Durmitor is covered with 1500 kinds of plants is sufficient to visit this small city.

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