Important Info You Need to Know About Eurostar Train

Eurostar Train: an incontestable Travel Partner

Eurostar Trains connect London to mainland Europe, hence connecting London to Paris, Brussels, Lille and more than 100 European destinations. The trains are famous for their high speed and reliable services. Eurostar trains travel from France to London through the Channel Tunnel.

For 365 days a year, Eurostar train to Paris runs every hour. The journey begins at St. Pancras station (at London) and ends at Gare du Nord station (at Paris) covering a railroad stretched over a distance of 495 kilometers.

Performance of this train service

There are around 20 Eurostar trains that operate daily between London and Paris. Eurostar is the most unfailing travel choice because of its high levels of punctuality. High speed, reliable service and less check-in time have made it a hot favorite among the people.

Environment Friendly

Eurostar emits around 10 times less carbon dioxide than other travel media making it more environment friendly.

Booking of the Tickets

To book tickets for Eurostar Channel Tunnel train to Paris, one can use the various affiliate websites or the official website of the service.

In the Eurostar Trains, three types of travel classes are there. Those are Standard Class, Business Premier and Standard Premier. Standard Class provides basic facilities, but Business Premier and Standard Premier provide many extra facilities like spacious seats, complimentary meals, and power sockets at each seat, traveler’s lounges at stations and many more. After booking the tickets online, one can collect the tickets on the day of the travel from St. Pancras station.

One can also book Eurostar city breaks along with the train tickets that help in booking the hotel.

Train fares

Traveling by train to Paris is quite reasonable as one can get London to Paris train tickets from as low as £69 for a return journey and £39 for one way. The prices depend on travel classes and type of tickets. Booking in off-peak hours also reduces the cost of the ticket. One should book Eurostar Train tickets at least 120 days in advance.

Luggage Information

One doesn’t need to check in bags while travelling from London to Paris. Those can be kept in luggage racks with oneself. One passenger can carry 1 small bag and 2 large bags along with him and there is also no weight-limit. But, to carry extra item one has to use paid registered baggage service.

Eurostar destinations

• Eurostar to Paris

• Eurostar to Brussels

• Eurostar to Lille

• Eurostar to Disneyland

• Ski trains to Alps Region (Seasonal)

• Other Eurostar destinations in France: Annecy, Avignon, Antibes, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Brest Belfort, Caen, Cannes, Calais, Chambery, Grenoble, Dijon, Le Mans, Laval, Limoges, Libourne, Lyon, Metz, Marseille, Mulhouse, Montpellier, Nantes, Nancy, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Poitiers etc.

If you are planning to tour Europe, then you should not miss the services of this fabulous train service. Your tour will not be complete without a memorable Eurostar train journey. If you have approached a travel agency, then inform them about your wish to travel by these trains now.

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