Greece Travel Destinations

When it comes to finding the perfect Greece travel destinations no longer should a person restrict themselves to staying at the more well known locations but instead may be they should consider one of the many other islands that make up this beautiful country. In this article we will be taking a look at some of the other islands that make up Greece and which are now as well known.


On this island live Monk seals and is currently very popular with British and German tourists. In fact so much so that some have actually purchased homes on the island and the prices of the properties are currently very reasonable.


This has quite a wild landscape and in the main towns you will find windmills and white washed buildings along with a Byzantine Monastery. Although it has a few beaches these are quite pebbly but at Ormos Aigialis they have a beautiful sandy one. However finding accommodation on this island is quite difficult as there are only a few hotels and in most cases visitors to this particular island rent rooms in private houses.


This little island is growing ever more popular especially those on yachts. Currently on this island there are no hotels to be found as such instead you will need to rent a room in a private house if you wish to stay on the island. Because it has not been truly commercialized like some of the other islands that make up Greece you will find it offers a lot of old Greek charm that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.


This island is located close to Athens (the capital of Greece) and enjoys very mild weather throughout the year and is very rarely visited by tourists. In fact it is very much a resort where most Greeks will be found when taking a holiday. This means that you will be able to enjoy many of the sites especially the archaeological ones without being disturbed too much by other tourists. It is well known by the Greeks for its spas which use the natural mineral waters and which are reputed to help heal many ailments.

So if you are looking for somewhere a little more off the beaten track in relation to Greece travel destinations then you may want to consider visiting some of the islands we have mentioned above.

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