Facts About Scotland

When you are looking for facts about Scotland it is no surprise that the history of Scotland and Scotland tourism play a very strong part. Here are some facts about Scotland that you will find interesting.

1. History of Scotland

Scottish history can be traced back over 10,000 years when the first inhabitants arrived. The modern history of Scotland involves the many battles with their English neighbours in which the battle of Bannockburn was significant as Robert the Bruce and the Scots army defeated the English. Throughout the next few centuries there continued to be tensions and battles with the English but the act of union in 1707 united Scotland and England and they were governed by a shared parliament. However, Scotland remains a fiercely proud country and although still part of the United Kingdom the Scottish people have their own parliament and most would consider themself Scottish before British.

2. Sport in Scotland

The dominant sport in Scotland is football (Soccer to the Americans). Almost very town or city has a local team at various levels but the most famous teams are Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. The Scotland football team enjoys strong support from a loyal group of supporters often known as the “Tartan army” who follow their team home and away.

3. Education in Scotland

There are many famous universities in Scotland including the University of St.Andrews, Edinburgh University and Glasgow University. Children attend school form the age of 4-5 and up to 16-18 years old before having the option to move onto further education.

4. Scotland population

Scotland currently has just over 5 million population and similar to most of the UK population, this is an aging population.

5. Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has many great visitor attractions including the famous Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Tattoo show and some shopping in Princess Street.

6. Jobs in Scotland

Any member of the European union can apply for jobs in Scotland and other nationalities can apply for a visa subject to meeting requirements.

7. Scottish highlands

The Scottish highlands are regarded as one of the most stunning places to visit in the world as they offer fantastic opportunities for hill walking and other outdoor sports. Inverness is an emerging vibrant city and the Cairngorm national park is also worth a visit.

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