Exploring the East of Iceland

Iceland today has the reputation to be the land with the greatest variety in whole Europe. One can find landscapes from surreal to sublimes. The colors of Iceland include rust red craters, blue lakes, green mosses and the sea of black sand. Iceland is worth seeing in every direction. There is a new thing with every step a tourist takes in any direction of Iceland. Let’s check out Iceland in its eastern part i.e. EAST ICELAND

In this part of Iceland one can find those things which make Iceland a special place for every visitor. Infact, something more than that, which includes amazing natural beauty from glaciers to a sea, barren sand fields, valleys of woodlands and some very unique vegetation. One can also see big and famous towns, geothermal pools etc. This huge variety is visible in society and culture of this part of Iceland. One can enjoy fishing for salmon fishes, swimming, spotting birds, hiking in mountains, and not to forget, good food here in eastern Iceland. One very special thing about east Iceland is that one can see Icelandic reindeers in some wild areas here. The special thing is that they live only in this part of Iceland.

This part of Iceland is considered a paradise for hiking freaks. People there are proud of this facility given by nature. The possibilities include hiking in some uninhabited areas as well as short route hiking towards vegetated valley, over open sands and along the sea shore. There is everything here that will suit everyone who is going for a one day hiking tour or a ten day hiking tour. East Iceland is also famous as deep fjords are present here. These fjords extend between high mountain sides with sloping tertiary basalt strata. Woodlands of east Iceland is another special attraction of east Iceland. Skaftafell national park has some of Iceland’s most beautiful and highest growing birch, which is served by nature for ages now. Forest in Hallormsstaour is Iceland’s leading woodland. Green groves of trees are becoming enormously famous now and it is believed that every traveler will definitely stop to enjoy the natural vegetation and wind shelter. Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier is present here in east Iceland. This glacier has shaped the environment and the history of eastern Iceland for hundreds of years now. Most of the rivers in Iceland run from this glacier. Europe’s biggest national park, Skaftafell Park, was made here in 2004 and the southern part of this glacier was included in this park. In the northern part of this glacier one can witness the combination of two most powerful forces of the nature. The fire and the glacial ice, as the most active volcano of Iceland are present here. But tourists must take precautions before going to this glacier and should have some general information from professional trip advisors. Mount bulandstindur is a pyramid shaped basaltic mountain which rises up to amazing 6,130 foots. In east Iceland, it is considered a legendary force of mystical powers and energy. Some small towns and villages like djupivogur, breiddalsvik, egilsstadir town and bakkagardi are also some of the most watched places in eastern Iceland. East Iceland heritage museum is located in Egilsstadir town. It displays some very fascinating artifacts found in this part of Iceland. The most famous is a 1000 years old Viking’s gravesite and his silver remnants.

There is no doubt that east Iceland has got everything a tourist expects, when he visits some country like Iceland. But this is all explored and believe me there is so much which has not been explored and left for tourists to explore for themselves and feel the proud of exploring something new and amazing from this nature.

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