Enjoy the Thrill of a Snowmobile on Northern Lights Trips in Sweden

Swedish Lapland is most definitely one of the best places to visit for a spectacular view of the famous Northern lights. Trips taken to the northern region of the country in the winter typically afford viewers the most optimal conditions for seeing this amazing phenomenon. However, the weather conditions, deep snow and cold temperatures can make the logistics of getting around a little complicated. Although travelling by vehicles to remote spots at night is the best way to observe the lights, by day, the best way to explore the area is by snowmobile!

Winter Activities

Winter sports are obviously very popular in Sweden, where conditions are ideal for snow skiing, dog-sledding and snowmobiling for a good portion of the year. Many people visit the region for the opportunity to enjoy some winter sports, but also, of course, to see the Northern lights. Trips to the small village of Abisko, in Sweden’s most northern region, are popular, with conditions for viewing the Aurora Borealis at night usually perfect. The village also borders one of Sweden’s most loved national parks.

Perfect Way to See It All

Snowmobiling is considered one of the best ways to cover the vast terrain of Swedish Lapland, and certainly the most fun! The Swedish wilderness remains largely untouched and covers a variety of different landscapes, including forests and frozen lakes. Snowmobiling affords visitors the pleasure of being able to move freely at their own pace while exploring the beautiful landscape, and may offer the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife including moose and many different bird species. Snowmobiling can be an exhilarating, fast and furious adventure or one taken at a more leisurely pace with frequent stops. With good, safe training, this form of transportation can be adjusted to suit all types.

Be Prepared

Holidays to Swedish Lapland do require some careful preparation regardless of the activities you plan on doing once you arrive. The average temperatures usually hover around minus 15 degrees but have been known to dip as low as minus 30. Careful preparations and common sense precautions should be taken while travelling at night on excursions to view the Northern lights. Trips that are scheduled to include outdoor sports and snowmobiling also need to be planned for accordingly. Arctic thermal overalls and lots of thin layers are the best recommendations for this level of cold weather. When snowmobiling, it is also important to have good coverage and protection for your extremities, which will receive the brunt of the wind. A ski mask, thick gloves, warm socks and sturdy boots are a must.

The Thrill of the Ride

Visiting Swedish Lapland is a unique experience, even beyond the spectacular views of the Northern lights. Trips to this region are full of potential for a variety of activities in an environment many will not have experienced before. The thrill and speed of snowmobiling across this vast and beautiful wilderness should not be underestimated, and is a must for a truly exhilarating experience.

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