Enjoy Exceptional Views of Dubai From Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

Dubai’s construction boom never ceases to exist. The architects and builders first used every piece of land to build magnanimous entertainment havens and when they were left with no ground; the ocean was up for grabs. Dubai’s passion to think out-of-the-box crossed all boundaries when it constructed the Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Skyscraper in the World. The panoramic view offered by the towering structure could give you jitters, but still the view from the Observation Deck is an unforgettable memory that could last up to centuries. It is such an overwhelming feeling, getting to know that human creativity has surpassed all levels of imagination.

Discover fascinating facts as you unravel the various high points of Burj Khalifa. The magnanimous man-made structure is truly appreciated only if you witness Dubai through Burj Khalifa’s eyes. Called ‘At the Top’, tourists are taken to Level 124, where they experience Dubai in its true spirit. You will know what the world is like when viewed from hundred floors above. It arouses a state of weightlessness and recognition of the ‘One’. Magically, everything that seemed so humongous on land turns into a minuscule replica laid out perfectly on a desert playground.

From the time you leave Dubai Mall to start your journey towards the Observation Deck, every moment introduces you to a new emerging technology. The jet speed elevators, the glass ceiling walls, awe-inspiring height, and overall opulence transcends into a virtual feeling of an alien colony, but a man-made one. Star trek was just a movie, but if there is anything that could come as close in reality, it would have to be Burj Khalifa.

The tour atop the Observation Deck lasts for up to one hour during which tourists are given a chance to view Dubai through special telescopes with close-up real-time views. They could also shop for a souvenir or two before descending back.

Burj Khalifa is an excellent destination in Downtown Dubai whose residences and office spaces are open to only an elite few. Presently, it houses the Armani hotel, the world’s first hotel developed and designed by Giorgio Armani himself. While the observation deck experience can leave you feeling overwhelmed, do not miss the stunning Burj Khalifa Park and Dubai Fountain performances.

Reports are trickling about China building a tower taller than Burj Khalifa in just 90 days. Maybe it will be taller, but would it be comparable to Burj Khalifa in terms of design, popularity, and architecture? Only time will tell.

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