Durham Travel Guide

While travelling by train, Durham presents excellent sight. Undoubtedly it is a beautiful city with magnificent cathedral among the finest examples of Norman architecture in England. Durham Castle is also vast, and the interior is spectacular – it is the first type of the cathedral in Britain and Europe, roofed with stone-ribbed vaulting built. It is quite provincial town, having strong presence of students. It used to be one of power bases of northern England. There are a number of places to explore such as Crook Hall, Durham Castle, Durham heritage center, and Durham cathedral and flower yard. Durham is a hill city. It is built upon number of hills. Durham also offers shopping opportunity to visitors as there is plenty of Malls, show room and commercial areas. Local made products are also fascinating.

For a traditional park, one must visit the market tavern on the market place or on Saint the under the indoor markets having trendy bars with cheap meals. Other important one is Shakespeare Tavern and Colpltts hotel. If one wish to see some rare example of twelfth-century religious mural, must visit the Galilee Chapel. One can find a lot of best sightseeing in England absolutely free. You can take back best mementos of your trip to Durham.

Durham to Paris by Eurostar

Nowadays travelling to Europe by Eurostar, this advanced passenger train is easy and comfortable. High speed train has good advanced rail network systems in Europe continent. If one is looking for an alternate for his/her journey from London to Duraham then Eurostar is the best option. It takes almost the same time equal to the flights. St Pancras International rail station is now hub of the fast Eurostar train. While traveling on the Eurostar you do not need to worry about your money and expensive good. Eurostar has good security system. Durham Eurostar fare cost you starting $82 from Durham to Paris and journey time is around 6 hour and 10 minutes with connecting Eurostar train.

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