Dubai Hotel Apartments – The Best Choice For a Short Stay in Dubai

A person traveling on a short trip to a city has to pay a lot for a comfortable stay or compromise on comforts to save money. However, a short stay in Dubai will not be an uncomfortable or expensive affair. There are many serviced apartments in Dubai designed to cater to such individuals who want a home like atmosphere for short trips. Of course, this does not mean serviced apartments in Dubai are suitable for only those individuals who are on short trips. There is nothing stopping individuals from spending long holidays in these serviced apartments in Dubai.

Renting serviced apartments in Dubai is a very convenient affair because there are no legal complications involved. Other countries do not allow non-residents or non-citizens to initiate such transactions. On the other hand, a foreigner looking for a place to live for a short stay in Dubai or a long trip can easily opt for these apartments.

It would be incorrect to say that all such apartments are the same. The Ramee Guestline hotel apartments offer an in-house 24-hour coffee shop. Of course, these apartments have a well-equipped kitchen so that you can cook your own meals and avoid eating outside on a regular basis. This can be a very useful option when you have multiple short trips to different destination.

One advantage of relying on serviced apartments in Dubai is that you can find affordable and luxurious places to stay close to commercial areas and business districts. You can also make use of the extra space to conduct meetings or brainstorming sessions before important meetings. If you are traveling for leisure, then you can use the space to enjoy a home like atmosphere throughout your holiday.

Some budget oriented service apartments may focus on providing affordable services without offering too many luxury options but this does not mean all such apartments stay away from luxury services. High-speed wireless internet facilities, swimming pool access, conference rooms, chauffeur services with close access to commercial and fun attractions- these are just some of the many luxury-oriented services that you can enjoy during your short stay in Dubai.

You also have the option of choosing an option like the Al Bustan residence which is a part of a shopping mall. The residential center provides access to its guests to more than 80 shops in the same premises. This is a fantastic option if you want to shop a lot. It is also a good option if you are going to be very busy with work and cannot afford to spend a lot of time traveling to shopping malls. From quaint and comfy options to homes that sit adjacent to shopping malls- you have unlimited options when you check out serviced apartments in Dubai.

Hence, there is no reason to believe that there is no other place to stay in Dubai if one does not book rooms in hotels. These apartments offer a viable and useful alternative that is not present in other cities with it emphasis on accommodation in traditional hotels at all times.

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