Don’t Miss: See Stunning Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is one of those very exciting countries to visit which boast of seeing the northern lights. The native people of Iceland are some extremely lucky folks to see this natural phenomenon on a regular basis. This outstanding view of aurora borealis is seen during the winter season. There are only a very few European countries with such a site and Iceland is one of them. This beauty appears due to the interaction of the Sun particles colliding with the North Pole. Winter in Iceland is from August to April.

Picturesque landscape

There are several destinations to visit in Iceland. For example, if you are staying in the town of Reykjavik, then a short drive will only take you splendid marvelous lights dancing in the skies. If you wish, you can even fix a tent and spend the night there and have dinner with your loved one. Some of the best experiences you can have from the Northern Lights tour in Iceland. Not just that even epic television series like Game of Thrones was shot in the beauty of Iceland where even Jon Snow found his girlfriend.

Another specialty of natural beauty

To add to your wonder, it will be incomplete if you do not realize that in Iceland the sun even shines at night. Yes, in every year for around three months the sun will only set for a few minutes in the whole of twenty-four hours. It is part of the Northern Lights tour in Iceland where you can run a marathon, play a concert or even have a picnic at any place near Reykjavik. Okay, now if you are also a food lover, then you surely would like to taste the Icelandic fish soup stellar. Not just a splash of sherry but it is an authentic sea-food recipe that you can enjoy with an overlook of the ocean.

For the best deals

So if you are online looking for a site to fix you up with the right holiday package, then you must first visit the sites that have the best holiday packages for you to visit their beautiful land from anywhere in the globe. And to add to your joy, all the costs will be cartelized for you to have a pocket-friendly holiday trip. From your stay, your accommodation to your cost of bus fares, all shall be listed to you based on your budget. So why wait, hurry up and start packing your bags already if you don’t want to miss this paradise on earth.

What to do with the dessert

To talk more about food, you will not find another land where you will find fresh vegetation and best of dairy products. The top chefs of Iceland have mastered in creating brown butter cheese with lamb and other seafood items found on the land. The vegetation is prepared with harmless fertilizers and that becoming a cause of highest life expectancy among the Icelandic folks. With also the best of the dairy products, you surely would not want to miss their caramel ice cream for dessert.

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