Discover the Mystique of Paris

Just say the name Paris, and it sparks vivid imagery for many. From its famous works of art, to its architectural design, culinary creations, historic landmarks, and enduring beauty, to the most trendy fashion savvy place in the world, Paris holds many distinctions. Without question, Paris is one of the most romanticized cities in the world. For some travelers, Paris signifies a romantic get away. For others, Paris may be their ultimate destination, a life long dream come true, and a virtual trip of a lifetime. There is something so magical about this special place that it keeps the first time travelers as well as the most world wise travelers yearning for more and wanting to come back for return visits.

There is so much to experience on a Paris trip that it would be virtually impossible to squeeze it all into one visit. So faced with so many possibilities, where would be the best place to start? Well, before you start mapping out your itinerary, perhaps the very first question to ask yourself is when do you plan on going. The ultimate time of year to visit Paris would be during the summer months of June through August, where travelers can expect the most magnificent weather, and look forward to being met with a balmy 70 degrees. The only problem that breaks this almost surreal paradise setting is that this also marks the peak of tourist season. This means shoulder-to-shoulder crowds accompanied with long waits at the most sought after sights. So, if you are able to wait and postpone your Paris destination for just a little bit longer, and visit in the Fall, you will be richly rewarded with lower accommodation rates which include hotel, airfare and cruise lines, not to mention fewer crowds, so you will be able to linger a little longer at your favorite work of art, or take that extra photo in front of your favorite landmark.

Before you had out in search of famous landmarks, it would be a good idea to first become acquainted with the layout of Paris, as it is such a tremendous city, over 1,000 total square miles. The beautiful Seine River runs through Paris, and because of this, Paris is split up into two parts. The Right Bank (Rive Droite) and the Left Bank (Rive Gauche). In addition, the city has 20 numbered neighborhoods referred to as arrondissements that run clockwise from the first neighborhood. This information comes in handy as you make your way through Paris.

While Paris is known the world over for its many churches, museums, famous landmarks, and designer fashion, keep in mind that there is also another Paris waiting to be discovered. This is the Paris that lies just off the beaten path that offers enchanting, inviting courtyards, beautiful gardens, and scenic streets. From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc De Triomphe, from Montmartre’s Sacre-Coeur basilica to the Notre Dame Cathedral, allow the beauty of Paris engulf you. Let your stroll along the Seine River serve as the backdrop for your new romantic memory that will last a lifetime. Rediscover the national treasures of art housed in the Museums of the Louvre, or the Musee d’Orsay. Experience the rich sounds of opera as performed at the Palais Garnier – or witness the sun shining through the veritable stain glass towering walls of the Sainte Chappelle. Visit the open markets and experience the fresh baked goods of Paris. Experience all that Paris has to offer. It is a delight to all of your senses and an inspiration to your soul.

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