Bring in the Celtic New Year With the Samhuinn Festival

Bring in the Celtic New Year With the Samhuinn Festival

For a true taste of Celtic culture, people should consider taking an autumn break in Scotland.

Although a visit at any time of year is sure to be captivating, making your way to Edinburgh at the end of October offers the chance to take part in celebrations steeped in thousands of years of history and tradition.

While it may be more associated with Halloween, October 31st also sees the Scottish capital host the Samhuinn Festival, which brings in the Celtic New Year in a tumult of dancing, music and fireworks.

Marking the onset of the colder months, the Celtic festival sees a dramatic retelling of the Winter King’s victory over the Summer King, signalling the end of the summer and the beginning of the cold winter.

To catch the full story, visitors may have to be on their toes as it is told via a procession through Edinburgh streets. Starting off at the Castle Esplanade, the parade ends two hours later at West Parliament Square, before the new year is rung in with a stunning firework display.

With this traditional fable told through music, street theatre and folk dance, spectators should find that their hearts will be warmed by colourful performances, even if their hands may not be as the night-time festivities continue.

Wearing warm clothes is advisable and visitors may want to bear this in mind when packing luggage to take to their Scottish holiday homes – which can include self catering castles and various other types of accommodation.

And as revellers may have to face typically brisk Scottish weather to take part in the festivities you’ll be glad to know several street stalls are on hand to serve warming refreshments such as mulled wine and hot chocolate.

Of course, opting to rent a castle in Scotland could see visitors be able to return to comfortable indoor surroundings after the festivities are over as well as giving them a base from which to take in the rest of the stunning city.

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