Berry Capital of Scotland – Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross

Blairgowrie or Blair is the second largest town in Perth and Kinross, Scotland. It lies in the Strathmore valley. River Ericht is between Blair and the twin burgh Rattray. Not only is it a market town, but a holiday destination too.

Flax was widely grown in the 18th century. Jute was produced on the river banks in those days and today many berries are grown here. Skiers and tourists seem to love the place. The Glenshee Ski Centre is about 18 miles from the town and is the largest in Scotland. Most tourists stop at Blair on their visit to the snow.

Many famous celebrities have lived here including Andy Clyde, Andrew Clark and Belle Stewart, the singer. To appreciate the community, Blairgowrie Citizen of the Year Award has been formed. The world’s tallest hedge is on the way to Blair from Perth.

It is often referred to as red stone town. It has primary and high schools. The oldest school dates back to 1600. The Gold Club is located at Rosemount and offers courses. You have to eat the raspberries grown here. Many fruit pickers from Glasgow would drop in for extra money.

There are many house hotels to enjoy your trip while in town. Blair and Rattray are often spoken together and a bridge across the river links them. River Ericht has been the main source of living since the ancient times.

The Old Mill on the River stands still while the river down can get rough at times. The Fish and Water Sculpture is an interesting one. You can even watch the annual migration of salmons in the river.

There are many weirs to enjoy your walks and soak in the greenery. Yachting, fishing and cycling are the ones to enjoy here. History lives on the banks of the river. One of the early mills had the largest waterwheel in Scotland. September is the month to visit this green beauty.

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