Active Relaxation – Engaging Leisure Activities in Ireland

When people come on vacation, they are usually looking for a way to relax and unwind in some fashion. For many people this means sleeping in, slowing down and taking the time to simply pamper themselves- all the things they don’t get to do at home on a regular basis. However, for others, the things they don’t get to do at home may be a bit more active than a day at the spa! These people relax best when they’re actually doing something; for these people, the best sort of vacation would be hopping in the rental car and driving from one activity to the next, engaging in all the fun, diverting things they don’t have the chance to do at home.

Irish horses are famous the world over for their strength, healthy and beauty. The calcium rich grass of Ireland strengthens young foals, making them desirable all around the world. For this reasons visitors to Ireland will find no shortage of choice when it comes to riding facilities. These range from small hobby farms where a few horses are kept for the benefit of tourists, to large scale operations where visitors can take lessons, children can ride a pony around the yard, or the whole family can ride through the hills, along the shore, or take overnight treks together.

Also popular with visitors is the chance to try cycling. Some visitors like to tour exclusively on their bikes, but many like to hire a rental car with a bicycle rack and do the road-travel by car, and the bicycle travel once they have parked the car at a camp site for the night. Either way you will have the opportunity to really enjoy the sights and sounds of the Irish countryside.

There are many other ways to “Actively relax” in Ireland; anglers will delight in the chance to catch some salmon or trout, boating enthusiasts will have no end of chances to indulge themselves and as for golfers? Ireland, containing thirty percent of the world’s links courses, is a true golfer’s paradise. So pack your bags, visit Ireland, relax, enjoy… and keep busy!

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