A World Cup Guide to Munich

Munich – home to German fooballing giants Bayern Munich – is the most southerly city in Germany to host matches from the 2006 World Cup finals. The city is set to build upon its already immensely important reputation in world sport (the city was host to the fated 1972 Olympic Games, the 1974 World Cup Final and the final of UEFA’s EURO’88) by staging the tournament’s opening game – Germany v Costa Rica on 9th June.

The stadium – named the Allianz Arena – is in fact situated a little to the north of the city in the district of Frottmanning. It is easily accessed. The A9 motorway connects the city to the new stadium, while Munich International Airport is served by the A92 – a motorway that intersects with the A9 to the west of the airport.

Whether approaching the stadium from the city or the airport there is certainly no danger of you missing the Allianz Arena. Its mammoth translucent structure resembles a donut shaped pillow fit for a giant. There really is nothing else quite like it in Germany. Once inside the stadium don’t be surprised to find yourself looking around in wonder. The structure seems to have more in common with a futuristic spaceship rather than a football stadium. It’s simply breathtaking.

Four things you must do in Munich

Aside from the World Cup, Munich offers a wealth of attractions for its visitors to enjoy. No matter how short your stay in the city here are four things that you simply must do!

Visit a Beer Garden: There’s plenty of them in Munich! After all, Munich has long been revered as one of the beer-making capitals of the world.

Try a Bavarian Sausage: Munich is the capital of Bavaria – a free state famous for its forests, its mountains and one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world…BMW or Bavaria Motor Works. It is also the birthplace of the authentic German sausage. Try the Weisswurt…you won’t be disappointed!

See the Nymphenburg: The Nymphenburg is a Baroque palace constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries. It offers a true glimpse into Bavaria’s royal past. The palace’s fa├žade is three times longer than the Munich Olympic Stadium!

Take a stroll through English Garden: Munich’s outdoor centrepiece is this 5km-long lawned park. It was built in 1789 and contains within it many features including a classical-style rotunda. If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity in the heart of Munich this is the place to be.

Getting to Munich

Many world airlines fly direct to Munich International Airport. It is then just a matter of following the A92 road directions into Munich city and/or to the Allianz Arena stadium.

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