A Tourists Guide To London’s Attractions

A Tourists Guide To London’s Attractions

London is defiantly one of the worlds most established and historically significant cities. London is home to some of the greatest architecture, culture and music in the World.

Thousands of tourists come to London for one main reason, to bathe in the touristic atmosphere. London is home to so much history and has so much going on at any one time who wouldn’t want to visit this vast capital city at least once in their lifetime?

There are literally hundreds of attractions in London, getting around them all would take a forever, the patience of a saint and a reasonable amount of money. Most of the key tourist attractions which will suit the majority of people can be found in popular leaflets and are heavily advertised. London does cater for specialist taste also and has many niche tourist attractions you may want to check out while your there.

A few of my favourite tourist attractions in London:

Buckingham Palace – Buckingham Palace is where the Queen Elizabeth the Queen of England resides. Looking at this building you will automatically recognise this building.

Tower Bridge – Situated next to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge crosses the mighty Thames river and is unique and architectural and engineering masterpiece from the Victorian era.

Tower of London – The Tower of London ‘stands guard’ over the river Thames build well over a thousand years ago by William the Conqueror. The Tower of London has been prison to many famous people from throughout history including Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes.

Big Ben – Big ben is one of the most iconic clocks in the world and who’s recognisable chimes feature on television news. Big Ben is a four faced clock and is more than 300 feet tall named after Sir B Hall.

The London Eye is a recent attraction not for the actual Eye but to get a bird’s eye view of London and all of the attractions below. The view of London is breath taking; from here you can see the entirety of London in all of its glory.

These attractions are just a handful of my favourite and the most popular London attractions; there are many more which are equally as brilliant such as St Pauls Cathedral, Tate Modern Art Gallery, Globe Theatre and many more. Some tourist operators have teamed up to offer discounts if you purchase combinations of attractions, which may be worth checking out before you go.

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