10 Reasons to Take A UK Break This Winter

Many people love to go away during winter, often over Christmas and in most cases to warmer climates. However, if hot temperatures don’t really put you in the festive spirit, you may prefer a break in the UK. Here are 10 reasons why you may want to take a break in the UK.

1. The cooler temperatures may not always deliver Christmas card scenery, but it’s certainly more festive than spending the season on a beach.

2. It’s assumed that everyone loves the sunshine and heat that is provided by parts of the continent, but that’s not necessarily the case. Many people actually like the cooler climate or just prefer seeing the changing of the seasons. And they deserve and want a holiday just as much as everyone else.

3. Booking a break in the UK is often considerably cheaper than going overseas, which means you’ll still have plenty of money to spend on presents.

4. If you have family located in different corners of the UK, perhaps in Scotland or the south west, then you may want to use your annual leave to go and see them for a few days – especially over the festive season.

5. Getting around the UK is very easy, even to the far reaches of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, thanks to excellent road, rail and air links.

6. One of the best advantages of taking a UK break is that you can make an impulsive decision to go or come back. So if you wake up and decide you fancy a trip somewhere, all you need to do is pack the car and go. Likewise, if you’re already away and decide you’re ready to come home, that’s easy too.

7. Scotland is home to some of the best scenery, entertainment, dining, wildlife, culture, and history the tourism world has to offer. The problem is, many of us never venture out to explore what’s practically on our door step.

8. If you want to go away, but have elderly relatives at home who may need you over during the winter, then being a short plane, train or car journey away means you can get back to them without foreign travel.

9. One of the biggest drawbacks of booking a late deal for a holiday is that it doesn’t leave you very long to get everything you need, including accessories and clothing. By staying in the UK, there’s very little preparation required and so very little stress involved.

10. For some people, the very idea of sitting by a pool for seven days is enough to drive them crazy. In the UK, we have brilliant walking holidays, landscapes that are a photographer’s dream, and much more besides.

So if you’re looking for a holiday but would prefer somewhere in the UK, how about taking a trip to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland? You can get flights to the likes of Islay, Kirkwall, Inverness and Dundee, plus there’s a wide choice of accommodation on offer. So if you need Barra hotels or hotels in Benbecula, there’s plenty to choose from.

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